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NFL Games Seem Ugly Because Defenses Have Gotten Good

PostZamieszczono: 22 wrz 2017, o 05:27
autor: wang1993
Two weeks into the Adam Jones Womens Jersey NFL season, the game’s overall aesthetics are under fire. Scoring is down, sacks are up, and Brian Hoyer is still gainfully employed as a starting quarterback. Offenses, we’re being told, are in crisis. But are things really that bad? Blame is being Andy Dalton Youth Jersey assigned to everything from reductions in practice time to the aging of some of the game’s better quarterbacks to the deterioration of offensive line play to rosters composed of cheaper, younger Brandon Thompson Youth Jersey players thanks to the downward pressures of the rookie-wage scale. But there is another significant culprit, and it’s one that’s often mentioned in passing, assuming it’s even mentioned at all: Defenses have gotten better, and the NFL may right now be going through one of its periodic cycles in which defenses become dominant.