The solution of abnormal material of ultrafine grinding equi

The solution of abnormal material of ultrafine grinding equi

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Ultrafine grinding equipment on the stone milling process, the appearance of the product is too thick, too small or uneven thickness of the situation is also occurred, these are called abnormal phenomenon. Now let's take a look at the abnormal solutions for ultrafine grinding equipment.
1, If in the ultrafine mill production, the lock powder Seal did not do in place, will form the powder to absorb the phenomenon, thus appears does not have the powder or the powder less condition. At this point, we want to check the sealing condition of the lock powder and adjust its sealing degree.
2, When the ultrafine grinding process of grinding stone, the analysis machine is responsible for the important task of powder screening. When the fineness of the powder after being milled does not reach the production requirement, it is returned to the grinding chamber to be grinded again. Therefore, if the equipment running time is prolonged, the analysis machine Blade wear is serious, can not play a good analysis effect, and will also lead to the abnormal effect of powder. For this condition, we just need to replace a new blade.
3, The fan in the ultrafine grinding operation process, play a irreplaceable role. When the stone milling process, if the fan air volume is too large, will cause the grinding of substandard powder was blown out prematurely, resulting in a thick powder. And if the air blower is too small, not only to the powder, but also easy to make fine powder deposition in the duct, over time to form a blockage of the duct. Therefore, once the raymond mill out of the abnormal powder, to check the wind turbine air volume adjustment is appropriate.
4, Of course, with the grinding work for a long time, shovel knives, grinding roller grinding ring and other materials directly contact the components, will appear different degrees of wear. Once these vulnerable parts wear serious, will greatly affect the milling effect of equipment, and even show the consequences of abnormal powder. Therefore, it is very important to do the regular inspection work for the ultrafine wear parts, and if the parts wear out seriously, they should be replaced in time.
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