Fredi Gonzalez, Miami third-base coach

Fredi Gonzalez, Miami third-base coach

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Giancarlo Stanton has hit 56 home runs off 48 pitchers Authentic Drew Kaser Womens Jersey in 13 major league parks this season. Those homers have traveled a combined distance of 4.42 miles at an average exit velocity of 108.9 mph, second highest in the majors behind New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge. No one has kept a running statistical tab of Stanton's batting practice output. But if a ball off Stanton's bat dents a bleacher seat somewhere between 4:30 and 6 p.m., chances are Fredi Gonzalez delivered it. The Miami Marlins' third-base coach is Stanton's regular batting practice pitcher, and he keeps a mental catalogue of the screamers Stanton hits up the middle. Each time one of those line drives approaches his face, Gonzalez gives a silent thank you to the inventor of the "L'' screen. "If I go a little bit away, I know that ball is coming my way," Gonzalez said. "There have been 30 or 40 times when I've never seen the ball hit. The first time I see it is when it hits the ground off the screen. I've felt it come close. And then -- whoomp! -- it's right there. "He hasn't knocked the screen over yet. He's not that cartoonish. But if I was a pitcher, I would be scared." Stanton has already joined Ryan Howard of the 2006 Philadelphia Phillies (58), Jose Bautista of the 2010 Toronto Blue Jays (54) and Chris Davis of the 2013 Randy Bullock Youth Jersey Baltimore Orioles (53) as the fourth hitter in the past 12 years to crack the 50-homer mark. His output has slowed since he tied Rudy York's MLB record with 18 homers in August -- but if he can crank out another 2,000 feet worth of long balls in the coming week, things will get very interesting on the final weekend of the regular season. Stanton needs five home runs to tie the total of 61 by Roger Maris that stood as the MLB record until Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds and the PED era came along. He has emerged as an MVP candidate while playing for a Marlins team that's 72-80, 28th in baseball in attendance, and in the news primarily because the franchise is in the process of being sold from Jeffrey Loria to a group headlined by Derek Jeter. Stanton also has reignited divisions between baseball watchers who regard Bonds' single-season total of 73 homers as the MLB gold standard, and purists who view Maris' 61 as the legitimate, untarnished record. What has it been like to watch a masher of Stanton's magnitude up close and personal, from the dugout and the clubhouse? How has Stanton grown since his MLB debut as a 20-year-old man-child in 2010? talked to the Marlins teammates, coaches, front-office staff and broadcasters who know him best for their thoughts on Stanton's memorable season and budding legacy. "I like it when he's taking batting practice and the other team comes out specifically to watch him. It's September and you have a lot of the call-ups, and guys come out early. The last time we played the Phillies, there were seven or eight guys out there early Kevin Huber Womens Jersey watching him in amazement. Their reaction was like our reaction watching him every day. It's crazy how far he hits it." Fredi Gonzalez, Miami third-base coach: "Ichiro has been in his group for the last month and a half. It's Stanton, Ichiro, Miguel Rojas and J.T. Realmuto -- or A.J. Ellis when J.T. doesn't play. "When Ichiro is in his group, they play a game where it's 3-2, bases loaded. A home run counts as four runs. Ichiro has some juice, and one day he had an immaculate round. He had four home runs on four pitches. Stanton hit only three out, and Ichiro beat him. "Usually he stays in the middle of the diamond and he'll hit balls to straightaway center. But that's the only time you'll see him get competitive and go a little extra. That's the only time I've seen him try to play Home Run Derby." "We played a series against the Rangers this year, and Jason Grilli was pitching. He pitches with a lot of intensity and emotion, and he struck out Giancarlo and gave a very dramatic fist pump and yell after he put him away. "You could see from the way Giancarlo reacted coming off the field that he didn't really appreciate that. So in a rare outburst of emotion, the next day 'G' hit a home run off Grilli. He usually acts the same way on every single one. There's no bat flipping, no extracurriculars after he hits them. But on this one in particular, he gave a yell and threw his arms up in the air. You could tell that one felt pretty good." "My favorite homer of his came against the Cubs and Jason Hammel [on June 16, 2014] at Marlins Park. It was a line drive down the right-field line on a curveball in the lefty batter's box. He's probably the only guy in baseball that can do that. That skill set is not something you see every day -- just being able to hit the ball that hard and being that strong. "Everybody can hit balls far. The line drives, to me, are the more impressive ones. For most guys, that ball might be a single or a double. He hit it for a homer."
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