CQB Fluoroplastic Magnetic Driven Pump

CQB Fluoroplastic Magnetic Driven Pump

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Model No:CQB
It is an single -stage , single-suction , magnetic-driving centrifiugal pump,which application modern magnetic mechanics principle ,implementation of a chemical process pump without contacting the indirect transmission by using permanent magnet. when the external rotor motor ( outside magnetic steel ) drives assembly rotates through the magnetic line of force within the rotor drive isolation kit (inside magnet )synchronous rotating assembly with the impreller ,closed in the static dielectric isolation kit so that no leakage of the purpose of pimping medium ,solve the mechanical transmission pump seal leakage .
it uses static seal instead of the dynamic seal so that it can keep the flow components in the seal station . it solves the other pump problems like running ,emit ,drip ,and so on .
  it is an elimination of environmental pollution , it best choose to creat energy ,envirnmental protection , saftly without leakage factory .
Working temperature:-20℃~150℃
  Usage : it is widely used in petrochemical ,acid alkali ,non-ferrous metal smelting , automotive manufacturing process of pickling ,rare earth separartion ,pesticides ,due , medicine ,fuel ,paper--making ,electropalting ,electronics, turned to foil ,scientific research insituations ,national defense industry ,the nuclear power industry and other industries an rare and precious liquid , toxic liquid , and other media transmission .

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Re: CQB Fluoroplastic Magnetic Driven Pump

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