The effect of ultrafine mill technology in high-tech develop

The effect of ultrafine mill technology in high-tech develop

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Ultrafine grinding is one of the basic products of mining and building materials machinery, it can be said that from the development level of ultrafine mill, we can see the development degree of a country's mining and building materials machinery.Ultrafine grinding machinery can be divided into four categories, commonly seen in the hammer-type ultra-fine grinding and two-stage ultra-fine grinding, coal gangue ultrafine grinding, roller-type ultra-fine grinding.

China's ultra-fine grinding manufacturing industry is a very wide market, including chemical, mining, construction, Water Conservancy, metallurgy, coal, glass and other industries. The most important areas of application in China are cement industry, paving and mining, and the application of ultra-fine grinding in these two industries accounts for about 30% of the industry as a whole. In the vertical roller mill industry as a whole to improve the situation, we should seize the opportunity to promote their core competitiveness, large-scale ultra-fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding of the development of production to maintain their strong position.

China's ultra-fine grinding industry in the strong investment in infrastructure, demand surge, the emergence of overcapacity, small and medium-sized enterprises, low competition, product technology content, energy-intensive phenomenon. In the face of this situation, enterprises should find out the industry development model and develop ideas as soon as possible, and have a basic understanding of technical weakness.

In the case of a slight downturn in the economic situation, accelerate industrial restructuring, with technological innovation and stable development pattern. Overcapacity has become a bottleneck in the development process of many industries, and also become a problem that puzzles the development of ultra-fine grinding enterprises. The future development of China's economy towards urbanization can break the deadlock in the current crusher industry?
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