Seasons that changed over 23 minutes of Week 3 madness

Seasons that changed over 23 minutes of Week 3 madness

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Sunday was one of the most exciting afternoons in the Cam Atkinson Womens Jersey still-maturing history of the NFL RedZone channel. Five close games were decided over the course of 23 minutes of real time, and while that doesn't sound like much, it was enough time to change our perceptions of teams. The Giants looked like a team that had battled to save its season, only to miss out to a 61-yard field goal. Matthew Stafford looked to have launched yet another dramatic fourth-quarter comeback and pushed his Lions to 3-0, only to be stopped inches short of the end zone. The Patriots saved a week of think pieces with a magical drive to beat the Texans, who might actually have beaten themselves. Everyone has a different definition of exciting, but one useful measure is what ESPN's Brian Burke refers to as the Excitement Index, which is simply the sum of all the changes in a win expectancy chart throughout the game. This is the exact sort of model that rewards the crazy late-game changes that moved the needle by as much as 78 percent in Week 3. The average 1 p.m. ET game since 2005, when RedZone made its way into our hearts, had a typical Excitement Index of 3.7 points. The most exciting contest was the 37-34 overtime game played between the Bears and Lions in 2015, which featured several lead changes in the fourth quarter and an eventual game-winning field goal in overtime. Where did Sunday's slate compare to great RedZone afternoons of years Sharks Youth Jersey past? With the help of both Burke and ESPN Stats & Information, I found the average Excitement Index for the top five games from each 1 p.m. ET kickoff going back through 2005. I included only the top five because every weekend will have stinkers, and Sunday's scoring bonanza wasn't any less fun because Dolphins-Jets was a bummer. By my count, the top five games in Week 3 produced the seventh-best average Excitement Index since 2005, with an average EI of just under 5.95. The record, which requires going back to Week 6 of that 2005 campaign, was an average EI of 6.55 points per game. Four games that week were either tied or saw a lead change in the final minute of regulation, including a Steelers-Jaguars game in which Pittsburgh blew two chances to win in overtime. This week's big five was nearly as great. Let's run through those games in order of Excitement Index and break down some of the key takeaways from each: There was some drama before the concluding moments of the game were played out by runoff. The final Lions drive crammed 15 plays into 153 seconds. Stafford appeared to hit Marvin Jones on the 2-yard line with 1:10 to go, only for his pass to be wiped out by a penalty on Kerin. Jones committed offensive pass interference on the next play to make it first-and-30, but a Stafford interception on second down was wiped off the board by a holding penalty on star Falcons cornerback Desmond Trufant. Four plays later, Trufant was called for pass interference in the end zone on a play where he clearly contacted Jones, but on a pass that did not seem catchable on replay. It's fair to say that the Falcons Authentic Tom Wilson Womens Jersey were probably unlucky to find themselves needing to hold on for dear life inside of two minutes. Matt Ryan was intercepted three times Sunday, and while the first of those three picks was an excellent job by Glover Quin of reading Ryan's eyes and sprinting nearly all the way from one hashmark well past the other to undercut a Julio Jones in-breaking route for a pick-six, the other two were gifts. Both of Ryan's other interceptions bounced off an open receiver's hands and into the waiting arms of Darius Slay. The first set up the Lions on the edge of the red zone for a field goal, and the second cost the Falcons what would have been second-and-1 at the Detroit 10-yard line and likely a minimum of three points. His final numbers might not have been especially impressive, but Stafford has been playing lights-out so far this season. Some of the throws he made in this game were positively Aaron Rodgers-esque. The league's highest-paid player sneaked the ball through the tiniest of windows to hit T.J. Jones for a 29-yard completion to start the final drive of the game. Earlier in the fourth quarter, Stafford lofted a deep out narrowly over Brian Poole to Tate to move the chains on third-and-4, setting up a 57-yard Matt Prater field goal that brought the Lions to within four points of the Falcons. The concern for the Lions, though, remains a defense that might be entirely dependent upon forcing takeaways. Teryl Austin's defense was only able to force Atlanta to punt on its two final drives, and even those trips came within 2 yards of a first down. The nine preceding meaningful possessions ended in either a touchdown, field goal or pick. The Lions struggled against Atlanta's running game, with Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman averaging in excess of 5.6 yards per carry while racking up 10 runs of 9 yards or more, with two 15-yard runs wiped out via penalty.
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