Kevin Cramer blames Democrats for Republicans not being able

Kevin Cramer blames Democrats for Republicans not being able

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Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., blamed Senate Democrats for Republicans' inability to pass a bill overhauling Obamacare, saying they're "unified in their opposition" to working on a fix to the 2010 healthcare law.
"In my view, I think you have to blame whoever votes no, and that's every Democrat," Cramer told MSNBC on Tuesday. "Forty-eight Democrats, let's not forget. They're unified in their opposition to a fix for Obamacare. They're unified in their support for continuing the devastation of Obamacare."
Democrats hold 46 seats in the Senate, but two Independent senators caucus with the Democrats.
Senate Republicans are taking another stab at passing a bill overhauling Obamacare and are expected to vote on a proposal from Republican Sens. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina this week. But already, Republican Sens. John McCain of Arizona, Susan Collins of Maine, and Rand Paul of Kentucky have said they oppose the bill, leaving it short of the votes needed for it to pass.
Despite the opposition from the three Republican senators, Cramer said there's still a chance the Graham-Cassidy bill passes.
"This isn't over yet. Rand Paul still has an opportunity to play Franco Harris, while Mitch McConnell has the opportunity to play Terry Bradshaw, and he can still catch that Hail Mary pass in the end zone, so the game's not over," the North Dakota Republican said, referencing the Immaculate Reception in 1972.
Cramer also said Democrats need to be held responsible for their unwillingness to work across the aisle.
"They are unanimous in their opposition to helping us fix it," he said. "Yes, there are also three Republicans that are at this point, at least Justin Hunter Youth Jersey two for sure, that oppose it, but every Democrat opposes it and we can't let them off the hook."
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