Golden Goose The ruby

Golden Goose The ruby

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Judy Garland is making headlines? Over 45 years after her death? Well, Judy Garland's shoes are. The ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz have been missing for almost 10 years, and a friend of Judy thinks it's time they come back home.

ew York has an endless supply of shoe retailers. Madison Avenue is the place to be if you're willing to pay top dollar for the biggest names. Look for Timberland (709 Madison Ave. at 59th St., 2127519082), and stiletto mavens Stuart Weitzman (625 Madison Ave. near 69th St.

Reid, who surprised prosecutors earlier this Golden Goose week by deciding to plead guilty to avoid trial, said he did not recognize the American justice system but agreed he did commit the acts outlined in the indictment against him.

7. If a customer calls with a complaint about your product or service, don argue with them or point fingers. Apologize (even if you think the customer may be wrong) and solve their problem or offer a refund. By handling problems quickly and efficiently, you and your employees can turn angry customers into fans and advocates.

In terms says. The trial for today but what more do we have to look forward. Well there's the jurors have been given a break for lunch and and they may needed after seeing the blast and hearing the prosecutor account in such graphic.

You'd expect a pair of soaring heels to lengthen the leg, but the straps or heavy uppers required to hold bulky soles on to moving feet actually make the leg look shorter. The deep concave curve from heel to sole echoes and enhances a pair of extravagant hips, and proportionally the shoes look wrong on stumpy legs.

Up! = Bigger Bottoms? The key to losing weight may be not only eating less, but drinking less too. Drinking more than three large glasses of wine may spur people to consume about 6,300 extra calories over the next 24 hours, according to a new British report. A little more than half of the 2,042 people surveyed said they tended to binge on fast food after drinking not just while they were feeling the effects of the alcohol, but the next day as well. Dr. Plus, she said, makes the food even more rewarding. It tastes good and feels even better than it would do normally. a concept that already a hit in other countries, has had lines out the door since opening in New York East Village on Thursday morning. (Watch a Livestream from inside the cafe here.) Patrons of the Purinasponsored cafe will not only be able to drink their Cat cappuccinos customized with kitty faces and fraternize with a bunch of felines, they will also be able to adopt cats from a local animal shelter and get expert advice about cat health and behavior. It open only until Sunday, April 27, though, so if you want to check it out, don pussyfoot around. [Business Insider]
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