Beckley community important to Sarrett (with VIDEO)

Beckley community important to Sarrett (with VIDEO)

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He takes pride in his alma mater, and he makes it a priority to get the community involved. The Flying Eagles go by the motto, "Defend the Town," signifying just how important the city of Beckley is to Sarrett.
With the Flying Eagles' homecoming game against Hurricane set for tonight at 7:30 p.m., Sarrett stopped by the Register-Herald newsroom to talk about football, family and the community.
Register-Herald: Street, thanks for coming in this evening and talking to us. Let's just first start talking about your background. What year did you graduate from Woodrow?
Street Sarrett: I graduated in '93.
R-H: OK, and just go from there.
SS: In '93 I went to Marshall and got a teacher's education degree. I came back to Beckley in '98 and started volunteer coaching at Woodrow. I started coaching wrestling at Beckley-Stratton (Middle School) in '98. Then I coached football at Beckley from '98 until about 2009. Then I took a little sabbatical there. I coached one year at Park after that and a couple of years at Beckley-Stratton. I've been the head wrestling coach at Woodrow since 2006.
R-H: Then you got the football job last year.
SS: Yeah. I went back as an assistant with coach (John H.) Lilly for a year. He stepped down, and that was a surprise to me. I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to apply for the job in my lifetime. They've only had so many coaches in the years of the school. But I was just fortunate enough to apply and make it through the process, and get hired as the head football coach.
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Re: Beckley community important to Sarrett (with VIDEO)

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