Dolphins running back questions before training camp

Dolphins running back questions before training camp

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In 2016, the Miami Roger Staubach Youth Jersey Dolphins averaged 114 rushing yards per game, which was the ninth best in the league. With the offensive unit mostly intact after the offseason, the question becomes can the Dolphins running game duplicate its 2016 success? Jay Ajayi’s breakout 2016 campaign Robert Blanton Authentic Jersey earned him a trip to Orlando for the Pro Bowl. He finished last year as the NFL’s fourth leading rusher with 1,272 yards, but his 17.3 carries per game were only the 11th most in the league. Ajayi feels like he Randy Gregory Womens Jersey could be a workhorse going into next season and head coach Adam Gase echoed that sentiment by saying he intends to increase the running back’s workload to 22-25 carries per game.
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Re: Dolphins running back questions before training camp

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