Dolphins undrafted rookie spotlight: RB De'Veon Smith

Dolphins undrafted rookie spotlight: RB De'Veon Smith

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Before rookie Orlando Scandrick Authentic Jersey minicamp this spring, De’Veon Smith was one of the 14 undrafted rookies the Miami Dolphins signed. He comes to Miami after an accomplished career at Michigan. During his four seasons Nate Livings Youth Jersey with the Michigan Wolverines, Smith’s stats weren’t breathtaking, but he was a solid, consistent starter during his tenure. While in Ann Arbor, Smith had two head coaches and three quarterbacks, but he was still able to lead the Wolverines in rushing three years in a row. In 2016, Smith rushed for 846 yards Michael Sam Kids Jersey and 10 touchdowns. In 49 career games, Smith carried the ball 470 times for 2,161 yards and 22 rushing touchdowns. After last season, Smith was named an All Big-Ten Honorable Mention by coaches and media.
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Re: Dolphins undrafted rookie spotlight: RB De'Veon Smith

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