Dolphins' offense could be best of Ryan Tannehill era

Dolphins' offense could be best of Ryan Tannehill era

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The Miami Antonio Brown Youth JerseyDolphins ranked 24th in total offense and 17th in scoring last year. Nevertheless, there were several signs that they were building something positive for the future. Miami saw Artie Burns Kids Jersey a breakout performance from running back Jay Ajayi, who made his first Pro Bowl after compiling 1,272 rushing yards and eight touchdowns. Receiver Kenny Stills had his best season in Miami with a team-high nine touchdown catches, and Jarvis Landry also made his second Pro Bowl following his second consecutive 1,100-yard season. This core group Cameron Heyward Authentic Jersey of skill players, which also includes receiver DeVante Parker, is stocked with young standouts who are approaching their prime. By all accounts, the future is now for this group as it enters its second season together in head coach Adam Gase’s offense.
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Re: Dolphins' offense could be best of Ryan Tannehill era

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