Miami Dolphins 2017 Team Preview and Prediction

Miami Dolphins 2017 Team Preview and Prediction

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Long-time Miami fans Cobi Hamilton Womens Jersey know all about one-year NFL wonders — those teams that overachieve one season only to fall back the next. That’s because the 2008 Dolphins fall in that category, plummeting from an 11–5 record and playoff appearance that year into a seven-season playoff drought that finally ended last season. There is legitimate Daimion Stafford Youth Jersey reason to believe the 2017 Dolphins can avoid the same fate thanks to the culture built by second-year head coach Adam Gase and a front office that has assembled Miami’s most talented roster since the days of perennial postseason contention. The Dolphins believe David DeCastro Youth Jersey continuity is the key to success. Miami retained its two priority free agents in wide receiver Kenny Stills and defensive end Andre Branch. Defensive end Cameron Wake, linebacker Kiko Alonso and safety Reshad Jones all earned lucrative contract extensions.
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Re: Miami Dolphins 2017 Team Preview and Prediction

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