Kilkenny golf: It was a hole in one for Paddy Smee

Kilkenny golf: It was a hole in one for Paddy Smee

Postautor: Angel92 » 28 wrz 2017, o 10:25

Popular Kilkenny club member, Paddy Smee shot a hole in one in the men’s September Monthly Medal on Saturday, September 16.
The shooting of the ace was missed as he had inadvertently entered the score wrong on the computer.
The position has been rectified since, and Paddy has been congratulated on the fine deed.
BRIDGE: The weekly bridge sessions will begin on Monday, October 9.
Further details to follow later.
YOGA: There are currently a number of Yoga classes being held in the club on Monday evenings (two classes), Wednesday morning and evening and Thursday morning.
Members interested should contact Aine Finnerty through the office.
RESULTS: Wednesday, September 20, ladies and gents Open singles, 1 David Lawlor (6) 39pts (b9); 2 Kieran Wall (5) 39pts (b9); 3 Harry Duggan (2) 39pts; 4 Conor Boland (5) 38pts (b9).
Ladies - Margaret Harmer (35) 28pts.
CSS - members 71; visitors 73.
Two's Club - 6th Pat Butler; 10th Pat Collins, Robert Kearney, David Lawlor; 15thBrendan Power, Harry Duggan.
Each 'Two' receives €9 credit in the Pro Shop.
Sunday/Monday, September 24/25, Smithwick’s Cup results will be published next week.
CSS - Sunday 71; Monday 72.
Two's Club - 6th Peter Walsh (snr), Eamon Brennan, Jeff Kealy, Robert J. O’Shea, John Byrne, 10th. Dom Murphy, Kevin Brennan; 17th Jamie Byrne,
Each 'Two' receives €41 credit in the Pro Shop.
SENIORS: Competition on Thursday, September 21, 13 holes, 1 Martin Mullane, Des Byrne, Paul Hanafin, Tony Joyce 63; 2 John King, Martin Treacy, Tom Keating, Joe Ledwidge 61; 3 Michael Daly, Richard Butler, Pat O'Shea, Tom Reade 59 (b6); 4 Pat Collins, Tom Brett, Chris Kelly, Paddy Byrne 59; 5 Matt Ruth, Michael McCarthy, Jim Treacy, Mick O'Brien 57; 6 Mick O'Flynn, Donie Butler, Dermot Moloney, Jack Nolan 55; 7 Pat Drennan, Kevin Donohue, Oliver Duggan, Brendan Graham 54 (B6).
Sixty-one players took part.
The next competition is on Thursday. This will be a 13 hole Champagne Scramble, starting at 10.30am. Check in is at 9.45am. Draw closes at 11:15am.
Members are reminded to bring a bag of the divot mix with them on their round and also to repair their pitch marks.
DIARY: Today (Wednesday) 10.04 to 10.36am guests/members, 12.28 to 12.52pm guests/members, 1 to 2.20pm members time; Thursday, 9.32 to 10.28am senior ladies, 10.36am to 1.08pm senior gents, 1.16 to 2.12pm members time; Friday, 11.32 to 11.48am visitors, 1 to 1.56pm members time, 2.04 to 3pm Society; Saturday, 7.32 to 8.44am members time, 9 to 10.28am ladies and gents competition, 10.36am to 12.52pm Society/Visitors,1 to 1.48pm members time, 1.56 to 2.44pm visitors; Sunday, 7.32am to 3.32pm ladies and gents competition; Monday, 10.04 to 11.56am gents October Monthly Medal, 1 to 2.20pm members time; Tuesday, 8.20 to 10.36am and 12.20 to 2.44pm ladies 9 and 18 hole competition and Ladies into Golf; Wednesday, October 4, 8.28am to 3.24pm ladies and gents Open singles.
PRO SHOP: There will be a Ping Custom fitting day on Monday from 10am to 2pm. The cost is €25 per fit and must be pre-paid in the Pro Shop to secure booking.
There are only a couple of places left for this fitting. Contact the Pro Shop.
LADIES: Results Sunday/Tuesday, September 17/19, 18 hole Stableford, 1 Eva Duggan (22) 42pts; 2 Francis Foley (26) 38pts; best Gross, Mary Leahy Browne (3) 35pts; 3 Valerie Graham (24) 35pts; 4 Mary Prendergast (28) 35pts.
CSS - 73.
Tuesday, September 19, nine hole Stableford, 1 Mary Feighery 15pts; 2 Mary Ryan 14pts.
Matchplay winners 2017: Tostal Cup, Mags Cuddihy; runner-up, Eithne Murphy.
Nore Cup - Martina Naughton; runner-up, Ann Widger.
Nancy Todd - Kay Gray; runner-up, Mary Moynihan.
National Cup (fourball) winners, Breda Roche and Catherine Keane; runners-up, Grainne Parker and Helen Butler.
Foursomes - winners, Catherine King and Joe Greene Womens Jersey Barbara Teehan; runners-up, Mags. Cuddihy and Margaret Kiely.
DIARY: Saturday, Sunday,, nine and 18 hole Stableford and Ladies into Golf.
SENIORS: Thursday, September 21, nine hole Stableford, 1 Jane Duggan, Mary Feighery, Mary Lawlor 34pts; 2 Patricia O’Sullivan, Peggy Murray, Phil O’Carroll 32;ts; 3 Edith Ogilvie, Mary Gorman, Breda Comerford, 31pts.
Twenty-one members played.
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Re: Kilkenny golf: It was a hole in one for Paddy Smee

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