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Defensive linemen Cameron Sutton Youth Jersey Brandon Williams and Chris Wormley are both having a romantic summer. Bronson Kaufusi and Matt Skura also celebrated anniversaries. Summer lovin’, had me a blast. That seems to Cobi Hamilton Kids Jersey be the theme song for the Ravens these days. As the Ravens enjoy their summer vacation before training camp begins later this month, several players are celebrating significant romantic milestones. Defensive tackle Dan Mccullers Kids Jersey Brandon Williams married his college sweetheart, Alyssa, on July 1. Since then, the newlyweds have been honeymooning in Greece.
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s on the 2nd. After leaving Saturn, the traveler on the 1st implementation of the camera has been very little task. In 1989, it had crossed canada goose store the equivalent of Pluto orbit, position 32 degrees UGG Orejeras rojo north Nike Roshe Run Pattern of the ecliptic. In the 2009 Valentine's Day, it photographed the last batch of photos, which is the famous dim blue moncler outlet dot with the solar system family portrait. Karl Sagan has had this idea for years, so that the 'navigator' will leave the solar system before, look back at the earth. There are two famous pictures of the earth, one is the 1968 Apollo 8 on the moon shot 'ground', the earth rose from the top of the moon; the other is the 1972 Apollo 17 to the moon on the way back The earth, the vast land of Africa and the clouds are clearly visible. These two photos let people see the earth is just an ordinary planet, which is the great achievement of human understanding of self. Sagan wants Voyager 1 to look back at Earth at the edge of the solar system and take a picture so that mankind will take a step back and see that the earth is actually just a little bit of an indomitable little in the vast universe. But shooting this photo is very resistant. First of all, this time Traveler No. 1 task has come to an end, the staff members to leave; and then the Earth is very close to the sun, the lens is too close to the sun, may be damaged; to take photos need to extend the mandate of 6 months, Cost is also a lot of money. Sagan repeatedly called no fruit. In 1989, he seized the opportunity to make an appeal last and informed his then president of NASA, Admiral Richard Trulli. The Admiral was told by Sagan to approve the action. Traveler No. 1 was 4 billion kilometers from Earth, and the time taken was to take pictures on February 14, 1990. Jetice Hansen-Koharcheck, the planet astronomer of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, was the first person to see this picture. That afternoon she was alone in the office, pulled the curtains, the room was dark, she said: 'I know the data has been sent back, I want to see what it is like.' She found it. It looks only two or three pixel sizes. In fact, because the lens is almost facing the sun, the scaffold reflects a ray of light just enveloped the spot. Conti first feeling is the back of the cold. But that's Under Armour Curry our planet. Traveler No. 1 also for Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune shot a similar photo, which constitutes a family portrait of the solar system. Because of the location and the impact of the sun, can not shoot to Mercury and Mars. According to this picture, Sagan later wrote the popular science 'dim blue dot'. He said: Look at that spot again, it's here. That's our home, everything about us. Everyone you love, Everyone you know, Everyone you have heard, Everyone who ever had, has spent their life on it. Our joy and suffering are gathered together, thousands of self-righteous religion, ideology and economics doctrine, all hunters and robbers, heroes and cowards, civilizers and destroyers, kings and peasants, young couples, Mothers and fathers, hopeful children, inventors and explorers, highly respected teachers, corrupt politicians, superstars, supreme leaders, every sage and criminal in human history, all live here - In the dust. In the vast universe of the theater, the earth is only a very small stage. Think of all those emperors who will kill the blood into the river, their glory and victory, let them become a part of the spotlight fleeting master; think of living in this corner of a corner of the residents, Other Nike Air Max Shoes corners are almost indistinguishable by the inhabitants of the endless brutal crimes committed by their misunderstandings and how much they are so eager to kill each other, their hatred how strong. Our mood, our arrogance, we have a privileged position in the universe, the illusion, are subject to this pale spot challenge. In the darkness of all the dark universe, our planets are a lonely spot. Because of our low status and vast expanse of space, there is no hint, from somewhere else there will be savior to save us from their own situation. Earth is the only world where life is known. At least in the near future, humans can not move to other places. Access Zapatos Nike Shox can be done, settling is not possible. Whether you like it or not, for now, the earth is still the Nike Scarpe online place where we live. It has been said that astronomy is self-esteem and can cultivate personality. In addition to this from the distant shooting of our tiny world of the photo, probably no other better way to reveal how arrogant human arrogance is how stupid. For me, this emphasizes that we have a duty to get along more friendly and to protect and cherish this light Dr Martens Donna blue spot - this is the only home we know so far. Bid farewell to the solar wind After shooting the solar system family, in order to save energy, Jet Propulsion Laboratory shut down the camera No. 1 camera, and delete the relevant data and procedures. Because it does not need it to continue to shoot the stars, and observe the stars, then today's amateur telescope on Earth can do better. Although the main task of Voyager 1 to detect the planets has ended, but another task i
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