Chris Wormley got engaged

Chris Wormley got engaged

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It seems love is in the Dermontti Dawson Youth Jersey air for the Baltimore Ravens lately. First Brandon Williams got married and is now on his honeymoon. Now rookie defensive tackle Chris Wormley popped the question. Gotta hand it to Wormley Franco Harris Womens Jersey on the execution there. The couple is vacationing in Greece right now, and that backdrop is as gorgeous as you can get for popping the question. Obviously as the tweet indicated, Wormley’s fiance said “yes.” It’s a big step for Wormely Hines Ward Youth Jersey as he enters the league at the same time. It’ll be a tough summer for the rookie as he tries to make an impact on a Ravens’ defensive line that already has tons of talent, all while trying to plan a wedding. For Jack Ham Kids Jersey anyone that has been married, you know planning the event can be a full-time job by itself.
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Re: Chris Wormley got engaged

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