Which Cowboys are inactive vs. Cardinals? A surprising pass

Which Cowboys are inactive vs. Cardinals? A surprising pass

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The Cowboys have announced their inactive http://www.0750xsaf.com/mike-mitchell-jersey-c-1_66.html players ahead of tonight's game at Arizona.
Quarterback Cooper Rush, defensive end Charles Tapper, running back Darren McFadden, guard Jonathan Cooper and linebacker Anthony Hitchens joined cornerbacks Chidobe Awuzie and Nolan Carroll as the seven players inactive against the Cardinals.
Rush has been active through three weeks as Kellen Moore remains Dak Prescott's backup quarterback. The same goes for McFadden, as Alfred Morris backs up Ezekiel Elliott. Hitchens (knee), Awuzie (hamstring) and Carroll (concussion) are recovering.
Tapper was a surprise scratch after the pass rusher recorded a sack in the opening week vs. the New York Giants. The ex-Oklahoma star returned to play this year after missing all of 2016 due to a congenital back issue found during his rookie training camp.
Rookie defensive end Taco Charlton, the Cowboys' first-round draft pick this year, remained active for the game as Damontre Moore returned from his suspension. The Cowboys will receive yet another pass rusher back ahead of the Oct. 8 Green Bay matchup as DE David Irving returns from his four-game PED suspension after a failed http://www.cmslamp.com/lc-greenwood-jersey-c-2_58.html drug test.
Irving's best game last year came against the Packers. He had four tackles, a sack, three forced fumbles and a pass deflection in Green Bay in October.
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Re: Which Cowboys are inactive vs. Cardinals? A surprising p

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