Tuesday Morning Brews: Watch List Season

Tuesday Morning Brews: Watch List Season

Postautor: wang1993 » 29 wrz 2017, o 04:36

Happy Tuesday, folks, and Daimion Stafford Youth Jersey welcome to Morning Brews. Preseason awards watch list season has begun and the Wolverines are represented on two lists so far. Senior QB Wilton Speight received the nod for the Maxwell Award, and Maurice Hurst and Rashan Gary have received nods for the Bednarik Award; the former Darrius Heyward-Bey Kids Jersey going to the best all-around player in college football and the latter going to the best defensive player. Also in this morning’s Brews we have a couple recruiting tidbits, so let’s get right to it. Yesterday Donnie Shell Youth Jersey afternoon the Maxwell Football Club announced its pre-season watch list for the Chuck Bednarik Award, given annually to the season’s top defensive player since the award was instituted in 1995. Finding themselves on the watch list were Senior Mo Hurst and Sophomore Rashan Gary. Also Franco Harris Jersey representing the B1G on the list were thirteen other players: four from Ohio State (Baker, Bosa, Lewis, and Ward), two from Penn State (Allen and Cabinda), two from Wisconsin (Cichy and Sheehy), and then one each from Maryland (Carter), Northwestern (Igwebuike), Iowa (Jewell), Indiana (Scales), and Minnesota (Richardson).
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Re: Tuesday Morning Brews: Watch List Season

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