4 reasons why Dak Prescott is absolutely a franchise QB

4 reasons why Dak Prescott is absolutely a franchise QB

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- There are four reasons why Dak Prescott is a http://www.steelersprosale.com/javon-hargrave-jerseys-c-1_86.html franchise quarterback. He is never overwhelmed in big moments. Now, that was a big moment last night. He is a cool, calm customer.
He has the arm-legs combo. Not the best legs and not the best arm, but a B-plus with both. He is level-headed. He is coachable. He adjusts the game plans. Take away his star, he'll go somewhere else.
And here's another thing, and the great ones rarely beat themselves. Dak faced a lot of pressure. 15 in 19 of his starts, he hasn't had a turnover. We get too caught up in results. Atlanta is 3-0. Atlanta was beat by Detroit and Chicago, OK? You're staring at the results.
Green Bay, unbeaten. Well, Seattle's not very good. And Cincinnati throttled you for three quarters. Green Bay has got no running game. They are lacking a key component to a Super Bowl. They don't have a running game. Green Bay has http://www.officialsteelersprosale.com/jack-lambert-jerseys-c-1_28.html no running game. They're not winning the Super Bowl.
If you get paralyzed by a result, you think "Guardians of the Galaxy" is a great movie. No, it's not. But the results are you can sell that thing. "Shawshank Redemption" is a great movie, didn't make any money at the box office.
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Re: 4 reasons why Dak Prescott is absolutely a franchise QB

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