Buy the 2017 Athlon Sports NFL Preview magazine

Buy the 2017 Athlon Sports NFL Preview magazine

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The Ravens’ front Troy Polamalu Youth Jersey office vowed to get Flacco help this offseason. Yet they didn’t sign or draft a top receiver to replace the retiring Steve Smith Sr., and they did little to solidify an offensive line that no longer T.J. Watt Womens Jersey has starting center Jeremy Zuttah and right tackle Rick Wagner. Through the first two months of free agency, the Ravens’ only offensive addition was veteran running back Danny Woodhead, who is essentially a replacement for versatile fullback Kyle Juszczyk. One of the lowest-ranked passers in Sean Davis Jersey the league last year, Flacco should at least be healthy again. He rushed back from the torn left ACL and MCL he suffered in November 2015 and was on the field for the first day of training camp last July. However, Flacco Ryan Shazier Jersey never looked completely comfortable, and the lack of chemistry with several of his pass catchers was evident throughout the season.
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