Great expectations for Whitmer QB Riley Keller

Great expectations for Whitmer QB Riley Keller

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Riley Keller George Iloka Womens Jersey didn’t so much emerge as a freshman quarterback starting for football power Whitmer High School in 2016 as burst onto the scene. As he prepares this Giovani Bernard Kids Jersey summer for his second varsity season with the Panthers, the 6-foot-1, 195-pound Keller approaches the 2017 season from an entirely different perspective. He has high Jeremy Hill Kids Jersey expectations for himself, and there might perhaps be higher expectations aimed at him from the outside. With three high school Kevin Zeitler Youth Jersey seasons remaining, Keller looks to be one of Ohio’s top quarterback prospects from the Class of 2020, fixed on the radar of Division I college programs.
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Re: Great expectations for Whitmer QB Riley Keller

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