How to prevent gear wear of superfine mill

How to prevent gear wear of superfine mill

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It is widely known that the grinding machine's empty shaft leakage side will aggravate the ultra-fine mill gear wear. Therefore, for the case of the hollow shaft leakage, the method of direct welding can be used to fix the connecting bolts on the hollow shaft of the feed liner. Then in the feed bushing and the hollow shaft with the other side of the range selection of 4 points with oblique iron to be fixed and adjusted, so as not only to achieve the feed bushing fixed, fixed, and then feed liner, End cover and oblique iron welded into one, remember to fill in the empty cavity filling, can prevent pulp wear cavity. Welding, enhance firmness, prevent leakage, reduce gear wear.
In order to improve the wear phenomenon of gears and improve the service life of gears, technicians will improve the lubrication system of transmission gears of ore milling equipment. Using automatic oil-spraying lubrication device, the injection lubrication point is selected in the meshing entrance of two gears. This kind of improvement only needs to move the automatic nozzle to the gear meshing front point, fixed on the gear cover, and the corresponding tubing can be connected. The lubrication conditions of gears can be improved to prevent splash of oil, good lubrication effect of gears, reduce wear and tear of gears, prolong the operation life of gears effectively, and save the consumption of lubricating oil.
will be transferred to the Ultra-fine Mill gear half open seal form closed, in order to reduce the time into the gear pair meshing surface of the number of dust, reduce the wear of the milling grain surface gear abrasion phenomenon. In addition, the sealing structure of the bolts of the Superfine mill liner should be strengthened, eliminate the dust when entering, strictly in accordance with the material Ultra-fine mill installation and inspection standards for installation and maintenance, to ensure that the motor spindle and pinion axis of the coaxial, the pinion axis and the large gear axis of parallelism between the side gap or the top clearance of the meshing gears meet the requirements. At the same time, the daily maintenance should be strengthened, especially the parallelism between the pinion axis and the large gear axis, the side clearance or the top clearance of the gears should conform to the allowable range of the equipment, so as not to aggravate the wear of gears.
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