The Peyton Manning you didn't know:From pranks to deejaying

The Peyton Manning you didn't know:From pranks to deejaying

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INDIANAPOLIS -- Peyton Manning arrived in Authentic Larry Donnell Womens Jersey Indianapolis in the spring of 1998 as the No. 1 overall pick and next hotshot quarterback. And for 13 seasons, Manning validated his stance as one of the best NFL quarterbacks of all time. He won five MVP awards, led the Colts to the playoffs 11 times, had eight seasons with at least 12 victories, got to the Super Bowl twice and won it once with the Colts. And if not for Manning, the building where his statue will be unveiled Saturday afternoon -- Lucas Oil Stadium -- likely wouldn't be here today. Manning's known for his prolific passing numbers, passion for winning and attention to detail. But there was also another side of the quarterback, one that not everybody may know about. As his statue is unveiled and his No. 18 retired Sunday, ESPN asked some of those who know him best to share their favorite Peyton Manning stories and what the future Hall of Famer meant to them. Jeff Saturday, Manning's teammate from 1999 to 2011: "It was my first year playing with the team and Jim Mora made us dress up for the trips. As an undrafted rookie free agent, I didn't have a lot of money to buy clothes. I go to a suit place and get some pants and a jacket. I got it tailored and everything. I come on a Saturday, we had walk-through and then we were going to drive to the airport, but we would all go to lunch at Chili's before the flight. I shower after practice, and I put my pants on and they are tight. I mean tight. They're long and they're tight. I'm in the locker room and asking the guys in the locker room if my pants look tight. They told me everything looks all right. I couldn't go get them fixed because Jim Mora would leave you if you were late for the plane and it was my first time ever playing. I was scared of everything. [Offensive lineman] Adam Meadows goes down there and gets dressed and his pants were all short. I don't think anything of it. I'm more worried about flying with these supertight pants. I'm thinking they're going to rip. The guys are cracking jokes on me. We go to Chili's. We're sitting down and the guys are all laughing. Then Authentic Will Fuller V Youth Jersey it dawns on me, he switched the pants on me and Meadows. Peyton was going to let me roll on the plane wearing the snuggies. From then on, there was no trust. That started off Year 1 of me and Manning." Adam Vinatieri, Manning's teammate from 2006 to '11: He didn't care who you were, Peyton would prank you if he could. We were at training camp one year and [former linebacker] Pat Angerer was here still. Peyton filled like a 50-gallon trash can with water and propped it up against his door and knocked on his door. Then a tidal wave of water went crashing into his room. He was the king of pranks. There were other ones that we can't discuss that aren't exactly suitable for everybody's ears." Tony Dungy, Colts coach from 2002 to '08: "We were riding to the press conference Monday morning after winning the Super Bowl [in 2006]. We're in the car and I had been alerted that the president, George W. Bush, was going to call and give us a congratulations. My phone rang and it was a private number. I picked it up and it was the president. He asked if Peyton was beside me. Peyton was on another call and I didn't know who he was talking to. I told Peyton he needed to take this call and he was like, ‘Can't you see I'm on the phone.' I kept being persistent and telling him he needed to take the call. He's making faces at me and finally I handed him the phone. He's very exasperated at me. When he finally realized it was the president, we both busted out laughing. That was Peyton Manning all the way for me." Clyde Christensen, former Colts assistant coach: "The first time I went to play golf with him up at Trophy Club [in Lebanon, Indiana] he calls while I’m following him and he goes, ‘Will you pick me up because I’m going to leave my car at the gas station here on the way up here.’ He gets in my car and I ask if there’s something wrong with his car. He goes, ‘I’m almost over the miles limit on my lease and if you go over, it’s like 15 cents a mile.’ He was worried about exceeding the miles on what was like a four- or five-mile trip to the course. This is Peyton Manning worried about going over his miles on his lease. I remember grabbing his ball out of the hole on the first hole and there’s a picture on the ball that says Smith Family Reunion on it. I asked him where he got the ball from and he’s like, ‘You can get these balls cheap because they printed too many for these family reunions.’ He saved money by buying somebody else’s balls because they had leftovers. I told him don’t ever do that again. I said, ‘I promise, if you call Titleist, you can get some free balls.’ Sure enough, the next time we played, he gave me a sleeve of Titleist balls that had the No. 18 on them. Peyton being frugal didn’t change much over the next 11, 12 years. What I loved about him is he’s a simple liver. He keeps it simple despite who he was on the football field."
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Re: The Peyton Manning you didn't know:From pranks to deejay

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