an expected? ?18.?MLB fans -- like father, like daughter??19

an expected? ?18.?MLB fans -- like father, like daughter??19

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SUZUKA, Japan -- Mercedes has lodged a protest against the result of the Japanese Grand Prix based on the way Max Verstappen defended his position on the penultimate lap of the Japanese Grand Prix, but the hearing has been deferred until the U. Carmelo Anthony Knicks Jersey .S. Grand Prix when both drivers can be present.Hamilton was closing on Verstappen in the final five laps of the race and attempted to make a move at the final chicane on lap 52 of 53. As he moved to the inside, Verstappen mirrored the Mercedes to block the overtake and Hamilton had to take swerve to the left and into the run-off area in order avoid a collision.The stewards held a hearing on Sunday night in Suzuka but by that time both drivers had left the circuit and were not able to give their version of events. As a result the stewards of the Japanese Grand Prix have delegated their authority to the stewards of the U.S. Grand Prix in two weeks time when the hearing will be held.The Stewards convened a hearing of the Protest lodged by Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team against the driver of Car 33, Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing, read an FIA statement on Sunday night. The protest was lodged in accordance with Article 13.4.4 of the International Sporting Code.At the commencement of the hearing the Stewards noted that neither driver was in attendance and hence was unable to give or refute any evidence. After hearing initial comments by representatives of Mercedes, the Stewards decide that in order to ensure fairness and afford both drivers the opportunity to be heard, the matter should be deferred and in accordance with Article 11.9.2.s of the International Sporting Code, the Stewards delegate their authority to the Stewards of the 2016 United States Formula One Grand Prix. Both team representatives agreed to this.The move did not appear to be in breach of the FIAs specific rules about how to defend position, but Mercedes claims the 19-year-old drove erratically and in a dangerous manner.A protest has been lodged by Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team against car 33 driven by Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing relating to an alleged breach of Article 27.5 of Formula One Sporting Regulations, in that he allegedly drove erratically and in a dangerous manner, forcing car 44 to take evasive action at turn 16, the stewards original statement said. The Stewards are conducting a hearing. The results are still provisional.After the race, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff had spoken about the need for clarity over Verstappens driving.Im biased obviously, and you will be surprised by my response. At heart Im a racer and I love hard racing, and hes refreshing, he defends very hard, but the rulebook says something else, the rulebook says you cant move under braking.It hasnt been penalised until now, so I think we just need to know what is permitted or not, again, from my perspective, hard racing is OK.Although the rule cited by Wolff does not exist in the regulations, it will be up to the stewards in Austin to decide whether Vertsappens defence could be seen to be in breach of Article 27.5.The relevant section of Article 27.5 reads as follows: At no time may a car be driven unnecessarily slowly, erratically or in a manner which could be deemed potentially dangerous to other drivers or any other person. This will apply whether any such car is being driven on the track, the pit entry or the pit lane.Verstappens driving has been questioned before by his rivals after he made similar moves while defending position from Kimi Raikkonen at the Hungarian and Belgian Grands Prix. Although neither move was investigated -- let alone penalised -- FIA race director Charlie Whiting had a private chat with Verstappen at the Italian Grand Prix to discuss the incidents. Mark Jackson Knicks Jersey . After a replay, the winner will meet Sunderland in the quarterfinals. Sagbo did well to control Sone Alukos right cross and fire past Brighton goalkeeper Peter Brezovan. Aluko was making his first start in four months after recovering from an Achilles injury. Patrick Ewing Knicks Jersey . -- Team after team passed on Andre Ellington in the draft. . Vancouver Whitecaps and Toronto FC failed to make the postseason while Montreal Impact fell at the first hurdle losing heavily to Houston Dynamo in the Eastern Conference Knockout Round. Need to catch up with whats happening in the world of sports and pop culture? Dont worry, I got you.1. Well, the Rio 2016 Olympics have come to an end. Did you ever doubt Brazils ability to successfully host the games? Nope, me neither.2.?For the second consecutive Olympic Games, female athletes won the majority of USAs medals. But whos keeping track??3. Can you please give it up for all the #BlackGirlMagic that happened in Rio?!?4.?Post-Games, how can female athletes capitalize off the heightened media buzz surrounding their achievements? We deserve a breakthrough!?5.?Is the U.S. womens basketball team untouchable? It sure seems that way!6.?So world basketball is catching up with the NBA, right? Team USAs 30-point win over Serbia in the gold medal game shut that theory down.?7. Wasnt Carmelo Anthonys touching farewell the perfect ending to the Games??8. Why am I so surprised Gwen Jorgensen took home Americas first Olympic gold in the triathlon? Thats an event I though the U.S. would have owned a long time ago.?9. Can you think of a better show of sportswomanship?10. Usain Bolts dominance and magnetism aside, what was your favorite non-American Olympic moment? For me, Brazilian soccer player Neymars reaction to winning a gold medal on his home turf?had to be amongst the most memorable.?11. OK, Im going to cheat and give you one more. Watching South Africas Caster Semenya grab gold for the womens 800m brought me immense joy. After years of scrutiny, doo you think she was vindicated by her win??12. Anthony Mason Jersey. Two-time Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields declared shes one of the greatest boxers to ever live. Would you dare challenge her claim??13. If you had a chance, which Olympic sport would you compete in? It would be gymnastics for me, all day.?14. Which Olympian would you like to delay retirement, so they can participate in the 2020 Tokyo games: Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Allyson Felix or Carmelo Anthony?15. Now, Ryan Lochte. Did he seriously think Brazilian officials would allow him to defame their countrys reputation and property without consequence?16. Furthermore, have we seen Lochte participate in his final Games?17. In non-Olympic news, Angelique Kerber was close to ending Serena Williams streak as the top-ranked female tennis player. But, I guess dethroning the queen proved to be a bit more difficult than expected? ?18.?MLB fans -- like father, like daughter??19. Where are my fantasy football players? This news will make this season a whole lot more stressful. #ThanksGoodell?20. Now that the Olympics have ended, the only question left to ask is: Are you ready for some football?!Shana Renee is the founder and editor-in-chief of?All Sports Everything?and a passionate New York Jets, Knicks and Yankees fan. Follow her sports talk on Twitter at?@ItsShanaRenee. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '
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Re: an expected? ?18.?MLB fans -- like father, like daughter

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