The Las Vegas crowd applauded Dunham's resiliency.

The Las Vegas crowd applauded Dunham's resiliency.

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LAS VEGAS -- Tony Ferguson is the UFC's interim lightweight Adidas Authentic Matt Calvert Womens Jersey champion as of Saturday night. And if Conor McGregor isn't willing to face him next, Ferguson believes the "interim" tag in his title needs to be dropped. Ferguson (23-3) claimed the interim 155-pound championship at UFC 216 inside T-Mobile Arena, submitting Kevin Lee via triangle at 4:02 of the third round. It is his 10th consecutive win in the division. The undisputed belt still belongs to McGregor (21-3), who won it last November. McGregor hasn't fought in MMA this year due to his summer boxing match against Floyd Mayweather. He has mentioned several options for his next opponent, but Ferguson demanded to be next if McGregor wants to keep his title. Ferguson used colorful language in challenging McGregor, yelling, "Where you at, McNuggets?" immediately after the win. "I'll kick your ass. Defend or vacate." It was a statement win by Ferguson, who was actually supposed to fight for an interim title in March. He was robbed of the opportunity, however, when then-opponent Khabib Nurmagomedov pulled out. The California native was dropped by a Lee right hand in the opening round but bounced immediately back to his feet. He allowed Lee (16-3) to mount him later in the round but survived to see the next frame. In the second round, Lee, who fights out of Las Vegas, started to tire. Any strike he landed was significant, but the energy used to throw the hard shots took a toll on the 24-year-old. Ferguson, who is known for his endurance, said afterward that was part of the plan. "This went exactly the way I wanted," Ferguson said. "I wanted him to come at me and use all that aggression, and leave no energy for the submission." Ferguson went to work with the jab and leg kicks in the second round. In the third, he surrendered a takedown to Lee but didn't seem to mind. He threw slicing elbows off his back and wrapped the right leg around Lee's neck to set up the submission. UFC president Dana White told ESPN on Friday he remains optimistic McGregor could fight by the end of the year. The UFC has a pay-per-view scheduled on Dec. 30 in Las Vegas. McGregor's coach, John Kavanagh, has Adidas Authentic Curtis Lazar Womens Jersey said he prefers a later day, possibly in March 2018. A trilogy fight with Nate Diaz is another potential option for McGregor's next fight. LAS VEGAS -- It ain't easy fighting Fabricio Werdum -- let alone on a few hours' notice. Werdum (22-7) picked up a 65-second submission win over Walt Harris (10-6) at UFC 216 on Saturday. The heavyweight fight took place inside T-Mobile Arena. It also took place under very strange circumstances. Werdum, 40, was scheduled to face Derrick Lewis, but Lewis withdrew from the fight the day of, citing injury. Harris was supposed to face Mark Godbeer on the prelims but agreed to move to the main card. The fight played out as a total mismatch. A former UFC champion, Werdum took Harris down immediately and transitioned to his back when he attempted to scramble up. The armbar finish came moments later, as Harris tried to turn out of the poor position. Originally from Brazil, now fighting out of Southern California, Werdum is 2-1 since losing his title to current champion Stipe Miocic via first-round knockout in May 2016. He suffered a decision loss to Alistair Overeem three months ago. "The Overeem fight is the past, I want Stipe," Werdum said. "I want you, man. I want my belt back. One hundred percent, I got it." Las Vegas lightweight Evan Dunham (18-6-1) was nearly finished in the opening round by Beneil Dariush (14-3-1) but managed to salvage a split draw. Two judges scored the fight 28-28, while a third had it 29-28 for Dariush. ESPN scored it a tie, 28-28. Dariush, who fights out of California, had Dunham badly hurt early. He dropped him with an elbow to the side of the head and unleashed several vicious ground strikes. Dunham, 35, slowed Dariush's attack by rolling for his legs and eventually working back to his feet. Before he was able to do so, however, he ate two hard knees to the body in a crouched position. The second and third rounds were much better for Dunham though, as he kept Dariush guessing with some awkward movement and counterstrikes. He scored a hard left hand in the final frame, as Dariush threw a leg kick.
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Re: The Las Vegas crowd applauded Dunham's resiliency.

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