How do I Create Rescue disk on Avast?

How do I Create Rescue disk on Avast?

Postautor: Mark McCall » 11 paź 2017, o 11:34

Rescue disk enables user to scan their system during booting time. Generally, malware hide when you turn on the system in that case rescue disk is considered as a best solution. If you are a Avast user and facing any issue while creating the rescue disk then contact us at Avast customer care number UK. You can easily create rescue disk, for that Open Avast user interface and click on protection, now click on Rescue Disk and insert an empty USB drive into your PC. If you have installed USB, then it will show Select your USB drive, once the user selected the USB device, Rescue Disk will load onto the USB, now click on ok. This is how you can create rescue disk,to know more contact us at Avast help number uk.
Mark McCall
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Re: How do I Create Rescue disk on Avast?

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