Down jacket giant Bosideng why started a uniform sale?

Down jacket giant Bosideng why started a uniform sale?

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Down jacket giant Bosideng now do uniforms. On December 30, 2015, Bosideng Group announced that it has signed a contract with South Korea's SMART F \u0026 D Company to establish a school uniform custom company to jointly develop the Chinese school uniforms market. Chinese school uniforms to sportswear-based, but the Korean students who wear a school uniform suit, quite stylish, in line with the preferences of young student groups, South Korea's SMART F \u0026 D chairman Shenxian Xian believes that the future of China's uniforms will be gradually fashion direction As of 2014, SMART F \u0026 D plans to enter the Chinese market and actively seek partners. The cooperation with Bosideng is the first step for the SMART brand to develop internationally. SMART F \u0026 D is responsible for the design and technical support of the two companies, and Bosideng is responsible for channeling, marketing and managing the business. SMART F \u0026 D, the leading apparel company in South Korea, is the leading brand in apparel customization. With 229 franchise stores and more Sac de voyage femme than 10 manufacturing facilities in Korea, SMART F \u0026 D won the Korea School Uniform Market Championship for 13 consecutive years and won acclaim in South Korea. SMART Brand Uniform In the Korean market share of 23%, sales air max 2015 of nearly 60 billion won (about 330 million yuan). Bosideng said that the market size of China's uniforms is huge. In the next few years, as the demand for personalized and fashionable uniforms grows, the size of the uniforms in China will further expand. We hope to further enrich the Bosideng Group's product portfolio by working with SMART F \u0026 D's uniforms and nurture new growth points in the segment.
Down jacket market saturation, changes in consumer tastes Bosideng situation in recent years is not easy. In 2012, the group's sales volume was 9.3 billion yuan, 8.2 billion yuan michael kors bags in 2013 and 6,293 million yuan in 2014, with an average annual decline rate of over 12%. According to a recent mid-market report released by Bosideng, as of September 30, 2015, the company's profit plunged 48.3%, which is the second profit plunge warning issued after the plunge of 33% in March 2014. As of 2015, the country has a total of more than 3500 production plants and nearly 100 down brands, the market is seriously saturated. One of the important reasons that the down jacket market is not popular is that Japanese and Korean fashion swept China, and consumers chased Japan and South Korea. In particular, the delicate arrangement of the three pieces in the outside gradually replaced the bloated, conservative and outdated down jacket. Korean and Japanese fashion flutter at the same time, Europe and the United States Department of apparel are also large-scale access, such as the European Department of fur, European version of PU leather, velvet, jacquard fabrics, leather, wool material. Old-fashioned style, a single material Bosideng retreat. On the other hand, the fluent and elegant winter concept advocated by Louis Vuitton, cheap luxury bags Dior and Armani, which represent the forefront of the world's fashion, has also become the trend of the Mainland. The large-scale inland expansion of foreign fashion brands H \u0026 M, ZARA and C \u0026 A also brought more The popularity of new fabric winter wear, scarpe asics which are eye-opener for mainland consumers, the mainland down jacket market suffered a historic subversion, which is the world trend, can not be stopped. 'Four Seasons,' the loss of a loss of down jacket section of the plateau of a direct result of Bosideng non-down jacket plate substantial increase in investment, 'Four Seasons' strategy is both a desperation is an inevitable choice. In 2008 Bosideng set up a non-down four seasons clothing team and embarked on the road to transition; in May 2009, Bosideng International listed in Hong Kong wholly owned Jiangsu Bosideng Garment Development Co., Ltd., into the men's business areas; September 2009, Bosideng In 2011, Bosideng launched its own fast-fashion women's brand Ruiqi; subsequently expanded their capital to acquire Morco Leisure Brand, Jessie Women's Clothing and Lamborghini's Children's Wear A brand 56%, 51% and 70% of the shares. Established a down jacket as the core, to achieve multi-brand, four seasons, the internationalization of the '3 +1' strategy. In 2014, Bosideng entered into an agreement with ITOCHU Corporation, the third largest trading arm of Japan, and Jinshi Capital, a subsidiary of CITIC Securities, to acquire 1.303 billion new shares issued by Bosideng for a further HK $ 1.5 billion. After further strengthening its financial base and financing capabilities, the Bosideng Group has formulated the 'Three-Year Plan', which will adjust the proportion of down and non-down business segments from 8: 2 to 5: 5 and begin to engage children's wear and outdoor businesses. However, the new market is not achieved by all means, and the strategy of 'four seasons' has had little effect at present. Men's 2012 sales of 480 million yuan, down 30%, forced to close the store 146. Then it dropped to 478 million yuan and 276 million yuan respectively in 2013 and 2014, down 42.3%. Women's market competition even more traumatic, by 2014, 洛卡维尔 casual wear, Ruiqi women have all been cut off, leaving only Jessie women and Morogh leisure brands. Achieving Omni-Directional Operations Online Bosideng has a lot of success in trying out new channels than opening up new brands. For the youth fashion lifestyle, the company conducted the Internet thinking innovation, from the content, form, channels and other aspects of 360 ° all-round promotion of the brand, from ordinary content delivery to achieve content marketing, from a single program to a large integrated marketing cooperation, from the line On the O + O (three-dimensional e-commerce strategy) integrated marketing, clothing industry to create an annual marketing benchmarking. In 2009, Bosideng set up an e-commerce company. At present, the new model of Bosideng O2O online and offline integrated marketing is being designed and improved. The SAP management system completes the first phase of the financial and marketing segment, reducing intermediate sales and reducing costs. It is reported that Beijing Xidan and Shanghai Nanjing Road Bosideng two canada goose pas cher homme flagship stores will be transformed into O2O mode experience shop. In 2015, 'Double 11' Bosideng sales hit a new high. The sales in the entire network exceeded 206 million yuan, up 56% over the same period of last year. Among them, the sales volume of Bosideng Lynx flagship store reached 122 million yuan, ranking No. 4 for women's single-store sales. In preparation for the 'Double 11', Bosideng from mid-September to begin 'formations array', the preferred popular products and styles on the line, fully demonstrate the product features; the same time, increase customer service and logistics staffing to enhance shopping experience; order System upgrades, the use of Ali cloud server internship and Ali electricity provider cloud platform poly stone tower seamless docking, improve system processing speed and efficiency, and in early October to order system testing, to ensure system stability. In terms of logistics, in 'Double 11' in 2015, Bosideng introduced a new sorting line so that the delivery process is in an orderly, efficient and efficient manner. This can effectively prevent parcel errors and missed orders while increasing the amount of bills issued. In addition, Bosideng warehouse in Shanghai, Harbin and other five regions in accordance with the 'nearest delivery, the entire single delivery,' the principle of simultaneous delivery, reducing the Burst snapped out of stock, to ensure 'double 11' orders in the shortest All the time issued. Bosideng's choice of school uniforms is an interesting endeavor since chaussure nike air max 97 the new brands are difficult and new, because the uniforms do Botas cortas UGG not require a distinctive brand name and keep up with the market trend, and Bosideng, with principals who have uniformed decision-making power and school management The crowd is still a traditional strong brand, this cooperation with the Korean factory can open a new board, it is worth attention. Statement: Down jacket giant Bosideng why started a uniform sale? 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