Bosideng down jacket giant also fierce winter clearance shop

Bosideng down jacket giant also fierce winter clearance shop

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Slow development of foreign content, Bosideng is undergoing painful transformation. The winter approaching, the first Chinese down jacket Bosideng also encountered cold. According to a recent report by Bosideng, its net profit plunged 22.5% to 253 million yuan. Even more surprising is that during the reporting period, the company down 3436 stores down feather business, non-feather business store also closed 114, the average daily closing 19 stores. Bosideng, in addition to Bosideng owns half of the Group's total revenue, such as flying snow down jacket brand, there are non-feather category men's and women's brands and related OEM business. Bosideng, which has been developing for nearly 40 years, faces the problems of inventory overstock, over-expansion of retail outlets and competition of international fast-fashion brands, just like other local brands.
The earnings report showed that its down business revenue fell 19.2% over the same period in 2013, but instead OEM business has a year-on-year growth of 54.8%. Bosideng the main theme of the first half, one is to digest off-season down stocking stockings, and the second is off shop. michael kors bags Group CEO Liang Xuhui said the closure of the store is the company in the use of off-season scanning and evaluation of regions and districts, the various brands of down jacket card sales channels to sort out and integrate, to avoid overlapping channels, the retail network layout more reasonable. The Group also closed some retail outlets that did not meet sales expectations or did not meet the Group's image service requirements. In order to enhance the tone of the brand, the company intends to transform part of the stores in the first and second tier cities into experience stores. 'Currently still in the preparatory phase.' Liang cheap luxury bags Xuhui said. He was chief strategist at Daphne and joined the Bosideng Group in May this year with an annual salary of up to 5 million yuan. Board chairman Gordon Koh air max 2015 said the move proves the company's determination to make the transition. It is understood that Bosideng started the transformation and upgrading from last year, one of the important measures is to strengthen the control of the channel to enhance the proportion of outlets. Now, the important goal it clears is the franchise. The semi-annual report shows that the proportion of direct sales outlets in down business is also raised from 32.8% at the end of March 2014 to 42.8%. Another logic of Bosideng's transformation is that instead of competing with the growing influx of international brands in the domestic market, it is better to take the initiative to explore the international market. Two years ago, Bosideng spent 300 million yuan to build the London flagship store officially opened. At that time, Bosideng specially invited well-known designers from canada goose pas cher homme Europe and the high-end men's wear sold in the shop was designed and manufactured locally. Bosideng UK CEO Zhu Wei revealed in early 2013 that the brand will enter London's high-end shopping centers and accelerate the expansion of Europe. But so far no further news. In April, foreign media reports said Bosideng was slashing its London procurement and design chaussure nike air max 97 team at its British headquarters. Local staff were told that all subsequent series of Bosideng products would not be made in the UK but would be made in China. However, Bosideng denied layoffs, Sac de voyage femme saying that overseas markets are still the primary target of establishing brand awareness at this stage, and the researchers in the UK are adjusting their positions.
According to the company, some of the UK's products have been moved to the mainland for production, mainly considering Bosideng's advantages in production, resources and cost in the Mainland. In addition to the European market, Bosideng is also testing American consumers' attitudes. Earlier Botas cortas UGG this year, the store at Union Square in Manhattan, New York, opened. High Dekang said in March this year that the U.S. market will be the focus of Bosideng's expansion and is ready to enter U.S. department stores to raise awareness. At the advice of an outside think tank, he also prepares to tell a personal story of 'arduous pioneering with eight sewing machines' to impress Americans and department stores. But now it seems that the effect of this story is not obvious. 'The London flagship market reacted well and will gradually add down products this year, which is expected to account for half of the sales in London.'
Liang Xuhui told scarpe asics reporters. However, Bosideng earnings for the past two years did not mention the sales figures of the flagship store in London, Goldman Sachs has released a report said Bosideng London store is expected to shop after 3 years are not profitable. Statement: The above down jacket giants Bosideng is also the winter domestic fierce customs store content by the 'Chinese clothing network content department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source indicate the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact We, once verified, we will change immediately! page flip
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