Bears Zach Miller Jay Cutler is the emot

Bears Zach Miller Jay Cutler is the emot

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When you think of Jay Cutler, you don't think of an emotional, inspirational leader. You think of the Smokin' Jay Cutler memes, that time he flipped off a photographer while walking his dog,and other non-caring items.But Cutler Brandon McManus Jersey 's teammates painted a different picture of him after Monday night's victory over the Vikings. The game was Cutler's first return to the lineup after mi sing five Garett Bolles Jersey weeks, and players such as tight end Zach Miller were excited to see him again.MORE: Best photos from Week 8"I was so happy [to have Cutler back]," Millersaid, via ESPN. "He's the emotion on the football field. To have him back means a lot. We play well around him. Everybody played well. It was just good to get a win."The players also said Cutler gave a motivational speech before the game. No one wanted to Dennis Smith Jersey get too detailed about what the quarterback told them, but Cutler said it was a "very personal" talk.MORE: Give QBs who shrink after dark"It was about inspiration," he said. "Everyone in there is from different backgrounds, different cultures, societies, family lives and schools. Whatever it takes to find that inspiration because motivation usually wears off at some point during the game. Those guys played inspired football, so it was fun to be TJ Ward Jersey a part of."
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