can promote and improve the scale and intensity wood composi

can promote and improve the scale and intensity wood composi

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zero emissions of low carbon emissions and other pollution. Compared with the traditional heating mode, the use of electric energy as heating energy, no need to build the boiler room, coal storage, ash, pipe network and other facilities, save the land, do not produce waste gas, waste water, waste and other pollutants, so as to exhaust emissions of pollution to zero.

At the same time, even with coal as energy, can promote and improve the scale and intensity of coal power generation, by saving and reduce energy loss and pollution of coal transportation vehicles in the process, so as to reduce carbon emissions in the whole, thereby strengthening low carbon energy use. 4, low carbon life in line with ergonomic design, comfort and intelligence. Compared with the point heating system represented by radiators, air conditioners and radiators, and heating cable as the representative of the line heating system,

the warm core floor as a new generation of heating system, is very suitable for people living space in the warm head cool livable needs. Specifically: this unique heating way, make people feel fresh and comfortable indoor temperature uniformity, mute, and no traditional heating produces dry and hot, not because of the airflow caused by indoor dust. The warm core floor not only heats up the indoor air, but also has the function of regulating immunity and delaying senility in the system.
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