Barkley launches its own wine brand

Barkley launches its own wine brand

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Earlier this week, the NBA Hall of Fame member Charles Barkley appeared in San Francisco, launched his own wine brand CB Vineyards, officially entered nike free 3.0 V7 the wine industry.
Barkley nike free 5.0 and brewers Chris - Cameron (Broken Earth Winery) and Regal Wine Company (Regal Wine Company) cooperation brewing wine. Cameron brewed wine from Paso Robles estate, divided into three kinds - Chardonnay (2015) and two red wines (2014), another relatively low-end red wine.
'I am very excited about the industry and I am very excited about it, but when nike free 5.0 V3 women we start talking about this matter, I say, 'I do not want to put my name on anything to make money,'' Barkley said. I became the same as Shaquille O'Neal, and then they said, 'No, we have a great company, will launch a great wine.' So we have been wine last year, Cameron is like ' The taste is almost the same, 'and my feeling is' tasted really good taste.' Cameron told me 'no, but also improved.' Last year than I have been drinking wine for the past 54 years.
Barkley career played 1073 times, averaging 36.7 minutes to get 22.1 points 11.7 rebounds and 3.9 assists 1.54 steals 0.83 blocks.
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