We encountered a lot of difficulties this season

We encountered a lot of difficulties this season

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Desert to talk about rockets and more people injured: We encountered a nike free 6.0 lot of difficulties this season
According to the Houston Chronicle reporter Jonathan Feigen reported that nike-air-max-skyline the rocket striker Trevor - Ariza due to the left foot sprain will miss the rocket next away game, inside because of the possibility of Achilles tendon play Not, and Chris Paul because of left knee injury will not play.
'Last season was a bit too late, more often than usual, we encountered a lot of difficulties this season, we have some to deal with injuries, we have some tactics to practice, we will stick to it, back on track 'Rockets coach Mike - D'Antoni said.
The Rockets first put Ariza into the team's daily watch list, Trevor Ariza Wednesday after the inspection, the Rockets will know how long Aliza will be absent.
'He will be checked, some sore, I think his feet are not structural damage, now is to see how much damage the organization has been, I do not know.' D'Antoni said Trevor Ariza said.
With the absence of Ariza, Luke - Richard - Bamot will be starting, Terry - Black will replace the inside into the team's rotation lineup.
'At any time inside the injury, this is a tough moment, because the inside has been playing great, I hate to see him hurt, but this is the reason Tariq in nike-air-max-r4 this, I know Tariq will stand out to do To this kind of thing will appear regularly in a season, Clint (Clint - Capella) will also play a bigger role, we still have to let us win the game players, we must be To do it, 'said D'Antoni.
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