$ 780,000! Warriors have paid the cost of the championship

$ 780,000! Warriors have paid the cost of the championship

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$ 780,000! Warriors have paid the cost of the championship to the municipality
According to the San Jose Mercury newspaper reported that, despite the existence of differences, but the Warriors official and Auckland City between the passing of the final chapter, the Warriors opened a $ 787 million check to Auckland City, paid off the team this year's championship parade and celebrate the cost.
City spokesman Karen Boyd said the money would be deposited into the Treasury Department. 'San Jose Mercury' also received a copy of the check (news map).
After the warrior boss Joe Lecobo promised to pay all the costs of the event during the championship championship in June, they were surprised to find that they were three times more expensive than nike air max 90 ultra they had expected. According to a government official and the 'East Bay Times' to obtain an invoice, the Auckland city government is also asking the nike free 3.0 V3 women Warriors to pay the 2015 parade of 244,000 US dollars cost.
After the city government deleted the cost of 2015, called 'a misunderstanding', and slightly reduced the cost of 2017.
Last month, although the warriors were reluctant, but agreed to pay the amount of the dispute, the city government also thanked the Warriors for their commitment.
'For the Auckland people, the championship procession is a safe and enjoyable community rally, and the city government is grateful for the financial investment of the Warriors nike free 3.0 V3 - few professional teams can make such a commitment to their city.' Boyd Said in the last month.
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