Rockets Gordon

Rockets Gordon

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Rockets Gordon nike roshe run pattern say lore: Harden sent a great break to the ball
The Rockets beat the 76ers nike-air-max-90 away from 105-104 today, and after the game Gordon received an interview with the media.
At the last minute of the day, Gordon finished the field after the ball received Harden's pass, Gordon hit the third, to help the rocket victory.
'James (Harden) sent a great break through the ball, before he broke, I looked at the timer, just enough time, at any time when you have 2 seconds, you have time to complete at least 1 Dribbling, that's what i do, 'Gordon said.
Speaking of today's victory, Gordon said: 'This is significant, we need this victory, we have a lot of people missing, we need such inspiration, we never lost the chance to win, we face the Warriors before Backward, we are playing a better defense.
'We want us to play this kind of performance early, 76 people are great, they played very hard, we are after playing a good defense.' Gordon said.
Talking about the last ball, Gordon said: 'If I do not fake action, Enbei will cover the ball out, you are ready to shoot, if lost, then lost, I shot Every one of the balls, I try to hit it.
In today's game, Gordon played nike free run 2 40 minutes, 20 shots 7, got 29 points 5 assists and 4 rebounds.
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