Seven Greats of Sanskaar kids kingdom Play School

Seven Greats of Sanskaar kids kingdom Play School

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Great Kingdom
A Kingdom where a Prince/Princess (Kids) rules on a specious geographical area having beings (Teacher Guardians maid servants etc.) animals birds, toys, Swimming pool, plants flowers, toilets, etc.
Great Education
We focus on including Sanskaar and education without any stress on Kid. The teachers play on important role in helping kids to learn at their own. Our pedagogy is different and well researched.
Great Care
The trained staffs take utmost care of kids when one wants to eat and playing in the room or field.
Great Food
Kids should get food of their choice at regular intervals. The food though of kids choice still should have nutritional value necessary for their physical and mental development.
Great Atmosphere
We keep the well decorated room clean and spotless. We play music at a volume.
Great Services
We render services different form generally provided services. The uniqueness in our services is our service is the timing.
Great Indianness
We believe in “Vasudav Kutumbkam”. Whole world is our family .We have to respect and take care of our Mother nature.
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