pay attention to the laying of the composite flooring price

pay attention to the laying of the composite flooring price

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in principle, not construction, or by the principal in charge of the construction side; 4, the ground is not allowed to use a hammer, so as not to damage the coil; 5, if the northern winter construction, the best will be stored in the site floor ahead of 12 hours or more, in order to adapt to changes in temperature. Two, pay attention to the laying of the floor,

after finishing to maintain more than 24 hours, so that the adhesive curing thoroughly; 2, as far as possible on the floor without fixed decoration or placed furniture without legs. Because the floor heating, the floor board is a heat dissipation surface,

the hot air from bottom to top cycle produces greenhouse effect. If the wooden floor placed without legs, furniture and so on, the radiating surface is reduced, resulting in thermal effect is weakened, while not smooth, effect of heat, the heat stuffy in the local wood floor deformation, intense, prone to accidents; 3, the first heating or for a long time not use geothermal floor, slowly warming, must not every hour can act with undue haste,
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