Best opportunity for buying wow gold eu for safewow sale

Best opportunity for buying wow gold eu for safewow sale

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Shoot 'em <a href="" title="wow gold"><strong>gold wow buy</strong></a> ups, death defying racing games and battles with sub tolkien monsters were once the preserve of 15 year old schoolboys. But video game designers have found a surprising new market. Peter Lyle on the rise of the older player</p>
<p>I finally admitted it was over when I found myself blurting out an uncharacteristically charitable offer one morning in January. A 23 year old intern had turned up late to the office I was in, dishevelled and contrite. He was late, he explained, because his flat had been burgled the previous evening. While he was out, thieves had taken 'everything': television, DVD player, CDs, almost all of his clothes. 'Even,' he said, looking especially forlorn, and after a dramatic pause, 'my consoles'.</p>
<p>At the time, I was moving house and wondering what to do with my crates of video game paraphernalia. They were part of my past but I was not convinced that they meant much to me now, or that I'd play them in future. I might have got a few quid for them on eBay, but not enough to make it worth the bother. So I invited him over and he took away all the consoles and games he could carry. I was left with a vaguely elegiac (or perhaps merely smug) sense that, 14 odd years after attaining legal adulthood, I had finally managed to give away some of my childish things.</p>
<p>I'm 32, and like any boy raised in Britain in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I first registered video games as the last word in expensive toys for more generously parented boys. I was fairly useless at them, but that didn't matter. I bought my first console at the age of 22, the Christmas after I got my first pay cheque.</p>
<p>By the time I was 30, I had amassed a dozen or so more, and a couple of hundred games. I queued in London to buy imported titles from Japan for 70 the same day they hit the shelves in Tokyo. I found playing in the evenings and at weekends until I had pins and needles and getting four hours' sleep to be the perfect kinetic counterpoint to the low level dullness of office duties. Shamefully, I remember resenting new air security measures, because I feared they would delay my FedExed Japanese Nintendo GameCube released, as it was, on 14 September, 2001.</p>
<p>But a couple of years ago, I started to feel stupid greeting each new day stiff and sleepy eyed from overextended evening sessions, and a mug for splurging all my money on games. I found that I no longer needed to have the newest, flashest game or console. Games are a consuming passion, and as you leave your callow youth and begin to experience the complications of adult existence deaths, births, break ups they just seem less important. It feels stranger and stranger to spend so much time in a world in which death is just a minor pause before a fresh start, car crashes are a form of entertainment, and you can breed a monster in minutes without the agony of labour or pre natal classes.</p>
<p>Games are a big money business, but this $30 billion a year industry faces a problem that it's only just beginning to address: even its most avid consumers will at some point lose interest. The fact that their annual sales outstrip cinema box office receipts in Britain and America is by now a familiar one, yet try as they may, games will never be like films, or music or books. They are so all consuming that it's hard to fit them into a conventional adult life. And perhaps most importantly, a whiff of grubbiness still attaches itself to the middle aged games player. It's fine to go into the office on Monday morning boasting of having spent your weekend devouring Will Ferrell DVDs or an entire series of 24, reading the new Harry Potter, or even reloading your iPod. But a Sunday afternoon spent playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater? Best not mention it.</p>
<p>On the surface, games and grown up Britain seem to be getting on better than ever. Sony's PlayStation 3 launched here on 23 March at the non pocket money friendly price of 425, and was marketed as much as an Apple Mac like lifestyle machine for the modern digital dad with photos, music, social networking software and a drive to play disks on the new, high definition movie format Blu Ray as one to play games on (though its leading titles gatecrashed the top five of the all formats games chart straight away). Nintendo introduced its latest console, the Wii, to Britain in December.</p>
<p>For the following fortnight, in what seemed like every second high street shop, middle aged parents could be seen bypassing Sellotaped signs that said they didn't need to ask wearied shop assistants, again, whether they had any Wiis in stock. So far, so Cabbage Patch Kid/Tracy Island playset but this time parents were excitedly queueing for a turn on the Wii display units in branches of the specialist chain Game, as if they honestly wanted to try it and its funny games that you played not by pressing buttons, but by waving your limbs around intuitively.</p>
<p>Video games are now the official third arm of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, without a place in the organisation's name ('Bagfta' wouldn't have quite the same ring), but with their own annual televised awards ceremony to prove it. Total sales of interactive entertainment in Britain last year amounted to 1.36 billion. Keith Vaz aside (the MP waged a media campaign against the Bash Street Kids ish video game Bully not long before he took on an equally pressing matter of state: taking Shilpa Shetty, of Big Brother, on a tour of Parliament), Labour politicians are now quicker to mention video games as 'another British success story' than they are to criticise them for encouraging teenage violence.</p>
<p>Paul Lewis, the director general of the European Leisure Software Publishers Association, was invited to 10 Downing Street last month as a representative of the games business another sign, he says, of the increasing recognition that games belong in a grown up world. However, within the industry, he says, 'there is still some angst about the way we're perceived. I think that's broadly exemplified by the fact that games are played by a huge section of men and women, yet they're still widely seen as a pastime of 11 to 18 year olds'.</p>
<p>The French magazine Max once argued that, as an entertainment medium that induced a particular state, video games have most in common with pornography. As with pornography, the fact that people rarely have watercooler discussions about how much they've thrashed away at their hobby doesn't mean they're not doing it. The most extensive recent research on Britain's gaming demographic supports Lewis's complaint that the clich of the sweaty teen gamer bears little relation to reality.</p>
<p>A survey from 2005 found that 82 per cent of 16 to 24 year olds said they played games of some description, but so did 65 per cent of 25 to 34 year olds. It was only in the years between 35 and 44 that they dipped, suddenly, to 51 per cent. It is, Lewis concedes, a 'depressed number'. Newly laden with responsibilities, such as young children and demanding jobs, people in this age group are classified in marketing terms as 'time constraineds'.</p>
<p>The demands on time and energy that a gaming habit makes are difficult to overstate. A senior financial worker who got a Wii for Christmas told me that he was too scared to start playing the latest adventure in the Zelda series (hours required to complete: 60, and only if you're good) because he couldn't do that and help look after his infant daughter. Lewis echoes his point: 'I remember it myself,' he says. 'You come home and you'd rather do things like watch TV, because you're tired and you don't want to interact.'</p>
<p>A friend who works in television met me for lunch and arrived exhausted, explaining that he'd been up until five in the morning playing World of Warcraft, the online fantasy game that now has more than eight million paying subscribers worldwide. Those hours were spent on a quest to gain a special ring. When he had four more of those, he would be able to exchange them for a key.</p>
<p>When he had earned three such keys, he would be able to exchange those for a different coloured pair of trousers for his character. In the cold light of day, he could see the absurdity of the situation. But once you switch them on, games have a way of compelling you to keep going. They have come a long way since Pac Man first jostled with pinball and fruit machines in grotty arcades, but the form's original function to make you put one more 10p in the slot, to take one more last turn still runs deep in its DNA.</p>
<p>The impossibility of finding the kind of time that games demand is, according to Dawn Paine of Nintendo UK, one of two classic complaints made in surveys by adult non gamers. The other is the fiddliness of controlling games for the uninitiated. 'We saw the revolution of interfaces as key to interesting non gamers,' she explains. 'Give a mum a normal controller and there's too much to do, too much complexity.'</p>
<p>Nintendo, the company that spawned Mario and Pokmon, has been edged out of its former market dominance by the might of Sony and Microsoft over the past decade. A few years ago, its senior Japanese executives began to talk about the need for the industry to rethink its approach.</p>
<p>When rivals spent hundreds of millions making sure that each new machine boasted more power, more potential and better graphics, they were missing the point: the games were stuck in a generic rut shooting, driving, shooting and driving, sports while the hardware had reached a point where there was no need to keep improving for improvement's sake: consumers would barely notice the difference. To sell beyond the youthful demographic it obsessively courted, to escape the never ending pursuit of overpowered oblivion, the games business would have to have some new ideas.</p>
<p>Not that the idea of grown up gaming is a new one. At the end of the 1980s, a new breed of brainy, adult oriented titles began to emerge. Their creators were smart Alpha Nerds such as America's Will Wright and Britain's Peter Molyneux, who were insightful, eloquent and eager to introduce a new thematic topography. Instead of a sword wielding grunt in a sub Tolkien fairyland, their games, such as SimCity and Populous, made the player a cerebral town planner with taxes to levy, populations to control and infrastructures to manage.</p>
<p>Nintendo's campaign 'to interest non gamers' was first incarnated in the DS, the handheld console the company released in Britain in spring 2005. It comes with a touch screen and a PDA style stick to woo the button phobic, is primed for wireless communication, geared for playing in short stints and already host to a library of distinctly different software. One of its current successes is Brain Training, which is barely a game at all, but rather a series of mental exercises that claims to boost brain power, and which limits the player to 10 minutes' play a day. A third of the Britons who bought Brain Training also bought a DS to play it on, and more than half of those who own the game are over 25. Along with the fact that one in three DS owners is female, it's the kind of sign that will be welcomed by Nintendo, whose new direction, Paine says, was greeted by the rest of the industry with 'a degree of cynicism'.</p>
<p>Nintendo's Wii ushered a similar philosophy into people's living rooms. Its games are designed to encourage physical activity and are controlled by waving a simple, remote control like handset in the air. The idea is to take the voodoo out of video games and to some extent, their solemn, state of the art pretensions. Paine says Nintendo is happy to have the console regarded as 'a 21st century parlour game, like Twister or charades'.</p>
<p>There's a pleasing symmetry in this new niche for the company Nintendo started making electronic games in the 1970s, having spent the previous 80 years as a manufacturer of playing cards but there are further signs that its refusal to compete with the big boys has paradoxically given it pole position in its biggest markets, at least for the time being. Manufacturers traditionally lose money on games hardware, which they slowly recoup through royalties on games sales, but Nintendo actually makes a profit on the simple, unpretentious Wii. During February, it sold 335,000 of them in America, compared with 127,000 PS3s (both machines launched there last November) and 228, 000 XBox 360s (Microsoft's machine, like the PS3 a loss leader for the firm, had a year's head start), while the DS dominates the Japanese software sales charts.</p>
<p>Sony would never consign its PlayStations to such specific roles. The brilliance of the company's approach in its 12 years, beyond spectacular promotional hyperbole, has been its refusal to say that the machine is for any kind of gamer, or even a gamer at all (many people bought their PS2s as much to play DVDs on as games) but it has not neglected this dimension either. It was in recognition of the fact that British sales of the PS2 had 'hit a glass ceiling', says Alan Duncan, Sony Computer Entertainment's UK marketing director, that the European wing of the company developed Buzz, a quiz game played with Family Fortunes style buzzers instead of controllers, and Singstar, a competitive karaoke game 'played' using bespoke microphones.</p>
<p>These games have topped the charts and spawned numerous sequels. Duncan puts around two million of the 8.9 million PlayStation 2s sold in Britain down to those titles. Consider those numbers alongside the fact that, in another sop to the television viewing masses, the Wii recently supplemented its weather forecasting channel with an online voting one in which owners can register a preference for, say, cats over dogs in a daily poll, and you begin to wonder whether video game machines might be the solution to our nation's declining interest in general elections. Or even the solution to the misery of getting bored silly in a home in your dotage. The new vogue for games as familiar diversions rather than white hot products of a leisure space race has accelerated the phenomenon of 'grey gaming'. There have been reports lately of American pensioners starting up Wii sports leagues in old people's homes, with once bored residents enthusing about them as a kind of low level exercise that reawakens memories of pleasurable analogue pastimes such as tennis and bowling ('It's very social and it's good exercise,' one 72 year old told Reuters. 'You think it's your grandkids' game and it's not').</p>
<p>Lewis says the statistics show that, after the age of 45, as children flee the nest and adults free up their time and disposable income, mature Britons are playing more games, too. He describes it as a 'pincer movement', with young and old embracing the hobby on their own terms (and those in the angst ridden and 'time constrained' middle, like me, increasingly looking out of sync with the rest of society).</p>
<p>At Game On, the video games exhibition which recently ended its run at the Science Museum in London, visitors could queue to have a turn on a PlayStation 3 or a Wii. I went along in its final week, which coincided with February's half term holiday, and found that the teenage boys were generally waiting to experience the cutting edge technology of Sony's machine and its latest car racing game, while parents and their primary school age offspring were more likely to play tennis on the Wii by swinging the controller like a racket. Some competitive fathers acted as though they were in the final set at Wimbledon, some mothers seemed to think they were tossing pancakes, but all those playing the Nintendo game at least seemed to understand what it asked of them.</p>
<p>'The older generation are a little more wary,' says Gaetan Lee, the events developer at the museum. 'The most important barrier to people engaging is probably the controller, left right up down, press this button you don't need 15 buttons and joysticks.'</p>
<p>On my visit, I watched a game grandfather do fairly well at Breakout, a two colour, two dimensional game from 1978, in which the player moves a dash to hit a rebounding dot into the bordering walls so as to knock them through like an especially destructive game of squash. Buoyed by his relative success, he moved straight on to Super Monkey Ball, a 2001 release that was a triumph of simplicity for its time, because it asked you to roll a cute primate, captured in a transparent sphere, across treacherous terrain with a single stick.</p>
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Re: Best opportunity for buying wow gold eu for safewow sale

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