The most outstanding feature in the processing of crushing e

The most outstanding feature in the processing of crushing e

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Our company is a professional portable crusher plant manufacturer who focuses on this field for almost more than ten years. Through years of efforts, our company has become the top leader in mining industry. It reduces the risk factors by intensifying product innovation, thereby, expanding the development opportunities and winning more customers. This is fundamental for an enterprise to subsist in the age of more and more keen competition.
The strip and strip pulley are driven by a motor, and the moving jaw moves up and down via eccentric shaft. The angle between fixed jaw and moving jaw becomes smaller when the moving jaw runs down, and then the materials are crushed into pieces. It will become bigger when the moving jaw runs up. The moving jaw board leaves the fixed jaw board under the action of pole and spring, and then the end products come out from the crushing cavity. And also, Jaw crusher is always used as the Primary jaw crusher.
Our company portable crusher plant characteristics:
1. This new type medium and fine crushing machine developed in Nineties is widely used to replace the cone crusher, roller crusher and ball mill.
2. Novel and unique structure, stable operation
3. Low energy consumption, high yield and lager crushing ratio
4. Small volume, easy operation and easy maintenance
5. Cubic shape and high packing density
6. In the processing, stone can act as the protection part to protect the machine from wearing.
7. A few easy wear parts made with very hard wear-resisting material, small volume, light weight, convenient to replace accessories.
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