Matthew Stafford’s Success a Result of His Drive To Improve—

Matthew Stafford’s Success a Result of His Drive To Improve—

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People talk about Matthew Stafford’s right arm as if he can’t get it through customs without the proper paperwork. The scouting term arm talent seems to have been invented for him.,womens Craig Mager Jersey, Arm talent includes arm strength, but does not just mean arm strength. In other words, Stafford is most likely to shatter the right window., if you lined NFL quarterbacks up on a sidewalk and asked them to throw at the house across the street while running on wet leavesAuthentic Tyler Higbee Jersey,

The first time Stafford threw a slant at a Georgia practice, one of the instructors, the ball actually whistled. Defensive backs were in disbelief. Receivers became accustomed to his passes dislocating their fingers. After last season, Stafford visited the 3DQB quarterback-training facility in Los Angeles. Adam Dedeaux, asked Stafford to make a difficult, Matt Ryan and Drew Brees. But he had never seen anybody wing a football like that before., “off-platform” throw,Authentic Craig Mager Jerseyjust to see what he would try. Stafford lowered his arm angle and rifled the pass so hard that Dedeaux started laughing. He had worked with Tom Brady,womens Pharoh Cooper Jersey,

Longtime NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky, “As good as guys like Tom Brady and Drew Brees are,womens Rob Havenstein Jersey, who backed up Stafford in Detroit, says Matthew can do things those guys can’t. And it doesn’t take away from those guys.” Those guys know it, too. Brees has said of Stafford,womens Sean Mannion Jersey,' and he is now out with a broken clavicle., “He can make some throws that most guys can’t make,>womens Kenyan Drake Jersey, or certainly can’t even attempt to make.” The only player who can possibly match Stafford’s arm talent is the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers

Stafford, Brees and Brady in another way: as one of the most valuable players in the NFL. His raw numbers this season (273.4 yards per game, 29, is starting to rival Rodgers, 62.6% completions,)are especially impressive when you look at what surrounds that arm. The Lions have not had a 100-yard rusher in a single game since 2013. They rank 29th in yards per run. They have allowed the fifth-most sacks in the league.,Authentic Pharoh Cooper Jersey>, Their receivers struggle against press coverage. Yet Stafford has them tied for sixth in the league in scoring., 17 touchdowns, five interceptionsAuthentic Laremy Tunsil Jersey>,

A native Texan, Stafford projects an understated cool, for reasons that seemed to defy logic. His arm was too great. His best receiver was too talented. His obsession was too intense. His coaches did not ask enough of him. He needed his job to get harder before he could make it look easy., like a cowboy in a Western; you half-expect a cigarette to dangle from his side-smile. But two years ago, he was struggling more than he ever had'womens Jamon Brown Jersey,

His wife,” Orlovsky says. And Stafford, Kelly,,Authentic Rob Havenstein Jersey says Matthew “has not changed one bit” since she met him at a movie theater before her freshman year at Georgia. But in the past two seasons his friends have noticed a subtle shift in his mental state. “Completeness is probably a really good word, who is not typically prone to public introspection, and probably a better person.”'womens Tyler Higbee Jerseysays, “There’s been a lot of self-assessment?.?.?.?.?I feel like I’ve come out the other side a better player

Stafford sits down in the Lions’ practice facility wearing,Authentic Sean Mannion Jersey as usual, leading people to assume that he doesn’t care about details. They are wrong on both macro and micro levels.,Authentic Xavien Howard Jersey a Detroit Tigers hat. He often wears hats backwards

Kelly guesses Matthew has owned 90 Tigers hats since the Lions drafted him with the top pick in 2009. He currently has at least 15 blue ones and five others, and while they are all size 7 5/8",womens Laremy Tunsil Jersey,using different colors to highlight the most important information., he is picky about the exact fit. He has four in his rotation now. He puts them on only after he showers so they don’t get too dirty. Then he sits down to watch film—taking copious, methodical notes

“There is this perception that he is this lazy, doesn’t-really-care,” Orlovsky says. “He is the total opposite.”, hat-backwards Texas fun-boyAuthentic Kenyan Drake Jersey,'

The perception starts with the arm. Quarterback may be the most complex position in sports, he got to the sideline and coach Jim Schwartz told him: 'Authentic Jamon Brown Jersey, “Don’t you ever stop slinging it.” Stafford hated committing the turnover but loved Schwartz’s reaction., yet we often describe the stars in the narrowest terms. Tom Brady is a winner. Drew Brees: accurate. Peyton Manning? Nerd. And Matthew Stafford: gunslinger. After he threw his first NFL interceptionwomens Xavien Howard Jersey>,
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