Pauper turned peacock couldn't deny his roots

Pauper turned peacock couldn't deny his roots

Postautor: pinkpink » 12 gru 2017, o 08:19

As a nation we are indebted to the RTé crime correspondent for speaking truth to power last Thursday.In a stirring echo of the fabled days when TV journalist Brendan O'Brien faced down Martin 'The General' Cahill, Paul Reynolds also dared to challenge another supremo of the Dublin streets.
Conor McGregor, for it was he, declared his love for the BMW i8 Coupe that awaited him as he walked out of Blanchardstown District Court, having been fined €400 for speeding. And why wouldn't he, given that he'd dropped well over a hundred grand to acquire it - batwing doors and all. And to be fair, it is indeed a splendid looking jammer.
Anyway, surrounded by reporters and photographers, Nicklas Grossmann Jersey the MMA superstar headed straight for his batmobile. "What a motor," he declared, with a maternal pride that was almost touching, "look at that motor."
And it was at this moment that Reynolds Authentic Merril Hoge Jersey earned his slice of the licence fee. "It's only a 1.5, Conor," retorted our dauntless tribune of the fourth estate. "But it's a rocket ship," replied McGregor, as he stooped to enter the cockpit.
Ah, but the damage was done. Not for the first time did a gap between surface and substance emerge in our hero's story. Not for the first did there appear to be an inconvenient glitch between boast and fact, between bonnet and engine.
No matter. At least on the important issue of sartorial projection, man and clothes were at one. Oh, he wears a tailored suit well. But obviously the dandy's persona we normally see Womens Ryan Miller Jersey is a performance, an affectation, a pauper-turned-peacock display, lest we forget how far he's come from his roots.
But it can be hard to shake off those roots. A defendant who wears tracksuits every day usually turns up in court wearing a suit. This time the man who can wear Savile Row every day turned up in a tracksuit. And white socks and white runners. You can take the boy out of Crumlin . . . It may not occur to him, but it's the bling that continues to remind us of his background.
It's a matter of class, in more ways than one. He is infinitely richer than any Irish international rugby player, for example, but if one of those privately-schooled pros were to make that sort of money, it would be discreetly deployed - and definitely not for public consumption.
They would enjoy the pleasure of a custom-made suit too. But they would be unlikely to have "F*** You" embroidered in the pinstripes, as he had last summer when hyping the Floyd Mayweather showdown.
It was this extravaganza in August that made McGregor wealthy enough for ten lifetimes. "I have to ask the question," Judge Miriam Walsh said to him on Thursday, "how much do you earn? And don't tell me you earn 110 million in one day." "Well, 140," came the reply, to laughter all round. Cheap Jerseys Elite Cheap Jerseys Online Cheap Jerseys For Sale Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Baseball Jerseys Custom NFL Jerseys Wholesale
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