Cristiano Ronaldo arrives in Abu Dhabi breaking records

Cristiano Ronaldo arrives in Abu Dhabi breaking records

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Not only did Cristiano Ronaldo get two goals past goalkeeper Sergio Rico, beer777 but he also achieved a new record during Real Madrid's match against Sevilla, the striker arriving in style to Abu Dhabi. After his double against Eduardo Berizzo's men, Ronaldo has become the player with the most goals scored versus a single team in the history of the Primera Division.With 25 against Sevilla in 15 games, he has surpassed the record achieved by Guillermo Gorostiza, who scored 24 times against Barcelona. On only three occasions has the Portuguese left the pitch without achieving at least a goal against the Andalusians. His new milestone in LaLiga adds to his recent achievement in the Champions League, as he became the first player to have scored in all the group stage matches.In addition, another personal success was obtained on Thursday, after receiving his fifth Ballon d'Or; equaling Lionel Messi's record.To round off a week full of milestones, the striker has another historic record ahead: if he scores against Al Jazira, he will be the top scorer in the history of the FIFA Club World Cup, beer777 as he currently shares that record with Messi, Luis Suarez, and Cesar Delgado.In total, that would mean four records in a week.With this in mind, Ronaldo arrived in Abu Dhabi with the stated aim of leading Real Madrid to victory in what would be his fifth title of 2017 and third of this season.Messi steals the last record in LaLigaThe record Cristiano has just beaten has been in place for 71 years. Gorostiza last goals came in the 1945/1946 season and since then, nobody has been able to overcome such an impressive scoring record against a single rival.We must also take into account that Gorostiza achieved his numbers playing for two different teams: Athletic Club and Valencia.However, it is quite possible that Ronaldo's mark won't last long as Leo Messi has scored 23 goals against the same rival.Telmo Zarra also accompanies the Argentine on the podium, scoring 23 goals against Celta Vigo. beer777
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Re: Cristiano Ronaldo arrives in Abu Dhabi breaking records

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