How to set up the access control function of the TP-LINK rou

How to set up the access control function of the TP-LINK rou

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In the enterprise office network environment,24-port Gigabit unmanaged switch the internal office computer needs to be set up in the network authority to improve the office efficiency and network security. The access control function controls the source / destination IP address, port and access time to achieve differentiated settings of Internet access and meet the needs of enterprise users.

this article introduces the method of setting up the access control function of TL-ER7520G.

requirements analysis: the use of TL-ER7520G for an enterprise in

needs to be unrestricted by the market department, and the other departments can only browse the web. According to the demand, make the following configuration:

Internet marketing department allows all network applications to other departments website
note: the above parameters are for reference only, specific to the actual application as standard.

group address setting method 1. set the market department and other departments to add

address click &ldquo > address management; object management; > &rdquo address; IP address, click add, the marketing department as shown below:

the same IP address, added to other departments, after adding list as follows:

add address group

click &ldquo > object management; > address management; &rdquo address management;, click add address group,EX4600 Top of Rack Switch the marketing department as shown below:

the same address, add group of other departments, after adding address list as follows:

2. new service type

click the &ldquo > object management; the type of service; ”, click add HTTPS service, as follows:

3. set the access control settings click marketing rules of

& ldquo; ANN The management of access control, > ” click Add Rule: allow market access to all network applications, as shown below:

set of other department rules

other staff, only allowed to browse the web, namely the need to open HTTP, HTTPS, and DNS services, add the rules are as follows:

setting the blocking rule

the access control rules for the default “ allow ”, so need to add banned access to all the rules can be realized, the rules are as follows:

added after the completion of the list of rules is as follows:

is finished, click on the upper right corner of the &ldquo &rdquo configuration;.

, at this point, the access control settings are completed, and all computers in the LAN will have the corresponding access to the Department.

question answer:

sets the rules that allow access to the web, and why still can't be accessed?

need to troubleshoot the following aspects: computer controlled IP address must be controlled in the corresponding set of rules, to act in accordance with the above steps; the check rules are set correctly determine the set of source and destination address (host, right restriction effect interface domain LAN); confirm the addition allows the HTTPS service, or involving HTTPS "cannot access; confirm the addition allows the DNS service, or related to the domain name" will not be able to access 16 Gigabit unmanaged switches.
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