End game hero! Sailors prepare to win the Sting Award. Highl

End game hero! Sailors prepare to win the Sting Award. Highl

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"The Blues" Manchester City are ready to pay the highest price on the Premier sbobet ca League for England 's Rahem Sterling offensive line. Reform this season hot.Stery left the contract with the Hittite stadium more than 2 years after moving from Liverpool with a fee of 49 million pounds (about 2,100 million) in the summer of 2015 , the beginning of this season Sterling. The 22-year-old has played 13 goals in 19 appearances. The key to the end of the game, Manchester City grabbed the last 3 points, the home victory over Southampton 2-1 at the end of November. Is the stunning, winning 12 matches in the league , making Pepsi than cardio coach Manchester City to petition the board to renew Sterling wage increase to 300,000 pounds (about 12.9 billion baht). weeks if nothing goes wrong, as mentioned above, that Sterling will receive the highest wages on the Premier League ahead of midfielder Paul Pogba Manchester United at Present. The received 290,000 pounds (about 12.5 billion baht) per week.
Stery's fee now with Manchester City after moving from Liverpool reported that it is 180,000 pounds (about 7.7 million) per week.sbobet ca
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Re: End game hero! Sailors prepare to win the Sting Award. H

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