Three options to fix the NFL's catch rule

Three options to fix the NFL's catch rule

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Under the NFL's definition of a catch, the league was right to take away what looked to be a game-winning Jesse James touchdown catch at the end of Sunday night's Patriots-Steelers game. There are still unanswered questions -- notably, if the call was as easy as the explanations of Alberto Riveron and Tony Corrente Joe Flacco Womens Jersey have suggested, why it took what felt like 10 minutes to overturn the call -- but everyone on the league side of things seems to agree that the review was processed properly and led to the correct call.
Here's the problem, though: Just about everyone who has watched a football game before also thinks James caught that football. Watch the replay. The Patriots defenders who surround James after the play aren't arguing it's incomplete. Bill Belichick, who would have been pictured frantically gesturing on camera in the case he thought it was a drop, isn't depicted. Jim Nantz says "there's no doubt it's going to hold up," as he and Tony Romo spend two minutes watching replays before it even occurs to them that the ball spun slightly as James hit the ground.
The rule was interpreted correctly, but the rule is bad. There are plenty of problems with the NFL right now, but many of them are either intractable or downright unfixable. The catch rule is not one of them. The NFL has to fix it, and that might require a totally radical sort of solution. Let's make arguments for three very different types of changes to the much-hated catch rule.
While the NFL's catch rules certainly aren't perfect, they've evolved the way they have for a reason. Tangible in-game examples (like the Bert Emanuel rule) have driven practical changes to the laws over time. They're never going to fix the problem and make everyone happy all the time, but no rule on paper is ever going to address every possible in-game catch situation. As a result, the league needs to be proactive about monitoring how the rule is impacting games and be comfortable making changes every year or two accordingly.
With that in mind, the league's catch rule isn't really all that bad over the first 99.9 yards of the field. Most of the complaints we've seen over the past few years, starting most memorably with the Dez Bryant catch, revolve around touchdowns and would-be touchdowns. Those plays are always going to stand out in the mind because of their importance, but they're also where the current rules seem to fall apart.
The Calvin Johnson rule, so called for taking a touchdown away from one of the league's star wide receivers in Week 1 of the Paul Martin Jersey 2010 season, simply doesn't work. It leaves too much up for interpretation and offers little clarity
into what receivers actually need to do to ensure a touchdown. James' catch fell short because he failed to, as Corrente described, "survive the ground." The ball moved slightly as James hit the ground, but independent of the rulebook, it's clear that James caught the ball, only for it to budge slightly as he leaned forward to try to push ahead of the plane.
To Womens Pierre Garcon Jersey improve matters, let's get rid of the surviving the ground rule and stop taking away touchdown catches for balls that narrowly drop slightly after a player's established contact. Runners can score touchdowns just by flashing the ball over the plane of the goal line, but receivers currently need to complete their catch to the ground to become runners and qualify for touchdowns. Under our rule change, a player becomes a runner as soon as he catches the ball and gets two feet (or one knee or elbow or cheek, as Damiere Byrd exhibited Sunday) inbounds.
This rule isn't perfect, but it's an improvement. We don't have to go back to the "football move" conundrum with this change. The receiver doesn't have to turn upfield or hold on to the football until his teammates have started
their synchronized celebration. If the receiver bobbles the ball on the way to the ground and never actually makes a firm catch, that's an incomplete pass. Otherwise, if he catches the ball on his feet (or back) and establishes himself inbounds, it's a catch.
To go along with it, let's fix the actual worst rule in football, when a fumble through the pylon becomes a turnover and a touchback for the other team. Nobody likes this rule outside of the one game every three or four seasons in which it benefits their team. The problem is that the solution of simply giving the ball back to the offense on the 1-yard line basically gives offensive players a free opportunity to reach Womens Torey Krug Jersey for the pylon with no repercussions, given that a swatted ball near the pylon is almost always going to go out of bounds. Wholesale Jerseys From China NBA Jerseys For Sale Cheap NFL Jerseys Paypal Discount NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Supply Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Paypal
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