Fortunately, Twitter fixed that for us

Fortunately, Twitter fixed that for us

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I asked about possible solutions to this problem back in October and certified genius
chiefdog10 solved our crisis with what he called the "self-touchback." I like "reverse touchback," but the idea's his. When the ball is fumbled out of bounds through the pylon, don't turn the ball over. Just push it back to the 20-yard line. I'll add that the down
should count, so the reverse touchback basically costs you 19-plus yards of field position but otherwise lets you keep the football. You're punished for fumbling, but it's not the eight-point swing (including the missing touchdown and the possession given to the other team) that comes with the current rule.
These changes don't solve the catch rule problem, but they eliminate the most frustrating and confusing plays we complain about on Sundays. James' catch would have been ruled a completion and then a momentary fumble as he hit the ground and stretched forward, which he would have then recovered. The Steelers wouldn't have been awarded a touchdown, but they would have been able to get back on the ball at the 1-inch line.
The league's catch rule is too complicated, and all the changes we've made have turned it into something like an overfit model. We're asking a lot of refs on a weekly basis Womens Josh Anderson Jersey as they deal with an increasingly speedy game.
The current replay system makes it so that referees often rule a big play a turnover or a touchdown on the field, which creates an automatic review but one inherently likely to lead to those decisions being upheld, given that ties go to the call on the field. The widespread unpopularity and confusion surrounding the catch rule means we have to start over.
So, let's go with what Larry Fitzgerald suggested should be the new rule two years ago. If a receiver catches the ball and gets two feet, a knee, an elbow or Authentic Nickell Robey-Coleman Jersey a cheek on the ground, it's a catch. If he stays upright and the ball is stripped out of his hands or he bobbles it, the ball becomes a live fumble.
Doesn't that feel refreshingly simple and comprehensible? We still need to come up with a clear definition of "catch," but let's try to keep that to the shortest possible definition. Maybe it becomes a catch at the moment when the receiver grabs the ball in his hands without bobbling it. Perhaps you put a time frame on it, like the receiver cradles the ball for a half-second or a full second.
This will unquestionably increase fumbles, which will be fodder for the tiresome and flimsy arguments about how football has always been great and is now suddenly worse. That's fine. The league's turnover rate has been dropping steadily for decades. Fumbles are fun plays. Everyone loves to point. Players will also adapt and begin to protect the football earlier through the catch process. It will also mean more Ethan Westbrooks Womens Jersey catches, but how often do you hear people complaining that something was ruled a catch when it shouldn't have been? We're living in a golden age of receivers. Let's reward Antonio Brown and Julio Jones for being amazing
There is a group of people out there who believe that the catch rule should revolve around what Bruce Arians refers to as "common sense." The eye test is almost always a phrase used to excuse anecdotal nonsense, but players and fans alike have seen enough football to know whether something's a catch or not. The plays in the NFL are simply too fast for a referee to
judge in real time, and we shouldn't be using frame-by-frame replay to judge something that happened at top speed and overturn a catch over a slight budge seconds later. There is no language capable of solving the catch rule.
So, if you know whether something's a catch or not from watching a play in context, let's use our eyes to decide. And since this is my idea, we're not turning things over to a head referee to watch on video. Let me introduce you to The Committee.
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