Can Las Palmas lurch away from

Can Las Palmas lurch away from

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The new manager of Unión Deportiva de Las Palmas is on holiday and won’t be back until Trevor Story Jersey the new year. He wasn’t on the bench at the Estadio Gran Canaria on Sunday and won’t be on the bench at the Coliseum on Wednesday either, while the man who will be there in Getafe knows he’ll be gone by the end of the game: he won’t make it to Christmas – which wouldn’t be that unusual except he only started work at the end of November – and the man replacing him won’t make it until after Christmas. He’s been 9,000km away and wants to spend it with his family first. Then, when it’s over, he’ll begin. And when he begins, they’ll begin all over again. Unless something else happens, and it might be an idea not to rule that out. After all, they’ve got form. Poor form, mostly.
Confused? Not half as confused as they must be.
On Sunday night Las Palmas’s fans turned to the presidential box and chanted for the president to “go now!” but he, like the new manager, wasn’t there. This week, though, he will announce that Paco Jémez is the new coach. Quique Setién walked in June having long felt himself pushed, the relationship with the board broken, tools all but downed, his team slipping from top in week two, third in week four and the edge of Europe at halfway to a final 10-game run that read: won none, drawn one, lost nine. Since then, they’ve dropped to the bottom and will have had four more managers in under five months – and that’s just the ones they’ve actually had. Now maybe they’ll finally get one they really wanted, even if it is on the rebound and a little late.
First there was Manolo Márquez. Next came Pako, then Paquito and now Paco, which pretty much suggests they’re working their way through their address book, but that would at least be a method of sorts.
Las Palmas had an agreement with Roberto de Zerbi to take over in the summer. They couldn’t officially announce him because he was involved in a legal dispute with Palermo, but they said it didn’t matter: they had an unnamed manager who was already signed up and was preparing for the season; his identity would be revealed when a judgement was made at the end of June. The problem was that De Zerbi lost and appealed, the case far from closed, and Las Palmas gave up waiting and promoted Márquez from the B team, who he had taken from the third division to Second Division B. In the meantime, Roque Mesa left for Swansea. Kevin-Prince Boateng returned to Germany but Jonathan Viera wasn’t allowed to follow them out , and Vitolo came on a six-month loan.
It was Las Palmas’s determination to make the Vitolo deal happen, even more than Atlético’s, that forced it through when he had announced he was staying at Sevilla. Six months on, he left Las Palmas without anyone really noticing, the player who had declared that he was going home getting injured and hurriedly heading off to Atlético and a happier place. Perhaps it had been inevitable, right from the start. Perhaps there was something in his signing, a presidential promise, that signalled the path.
“It’s all been a bit hasty,” Márquez admitted when he took over. He had publicly said he would be staying with the B team and the club had no intention of promoting him, but here he was, on the eve of pre-season training, with players identified without him, with others having left, faced by injuries, with planning precipitate and interference unavoidable. Six weeks into the season, his team had won two and lost four and he walked. That, at least, was the way they wanted it to look: this was a sacking disguised as a resignation Womens Allen Barbre Jersey – a constructive dismissal at best. “It’s me,” he said, but it wasn’t. He won two in six; without him, Las Palmas have won one in 10.
There was talk of Fernando Hierro and Aitor Karanka; instead, the former Valencia coach Pako Ayesterán arrived. He lost every game until eventually they got a draw – and, having held on in the absence of a clear candidate to take over, that was when patience ran out. In came Paquito Ortiz, the matchday delegate, appointed on 30 November. Las Palmas kept looking. Paco Jémez, born in the Canary Islands, but raised in Córdoba, manager there from 2010-11, recently returned from Cruz Azul in Mexico and a friend of the club’s president Miguel Ángel Ramírez, turned it down: he loves Las Palmas and would always be there for them, he said as he returned to Spain and to Spain’s media, just not now and, they thought, not ever.
With Pako gone and Paco not coming, Paquito stayed a little longer. Las Palmas thought they had a deal for Lanús coach Jorge Almirón, but with the Spanish Federation refusing authorisation, demanding endless paperwork, they eventually gave up. “The only thing they didn’t ask him for was his blood group,” Almirón’s agent complained. Las Palmas went back to Jémez and this time he said yes but he wanted changes made, players signed and sold, and anyway nothing was getting in the way of his family Christmas, not even desperation, a place at the bottom of the table, a solitary win in 12 weeks, or survival slipping further away. “You have an open wound but instead of stemming the bleeding, you sit and wait a couple of weeks before going to hospital,” complained one local paper. NBA Jerseys For Sale Jerseys Supply Cheap Jerseys NFL Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping
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