Mourinho on muted celebrations from Lukaku, himself

Mourinho on muted celebrations from Lukaku, himself

Postautor: kema cooll » 1 sty 2018, o 16:54

There’s a lot of buzz about celebrating, and not celebrating, when it comes to Manchester United.
sbobet Star striker Romelu Lukaku‘s post-goal actions were muted for a second-straight week, and manager Jose Mourinho appeared nonchalant on the bench.
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For Lukaku, that could be down to his status as a former West Brom player (and to be sure he was quite energetic in support of Jesse Lingard‘s insurance goal).
As for Mourinho, this is a man who was quite critical of Man City’s celebrations after winning a derby at Old Trafford. And Jose isn’t one to let a story line die unnecessarily.
Here’s Mourinho when asked about Lukaku’s non-celebration, from the BBC:
“Maybe he looks to the bench and sees his manager doesn’t celebrate. Maybe he loves West Brom. Maybe he remembers the team that helped him early in his career.
“I will celebrate if my team scores a winning goal in the last minute. But you have to have more maturity and keep your feet on the ground.
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