Boston Bruins and their fans belong in Fandom250

Boston Bruins and their fans belong in Fandom250

Postautor: Angel92 » 2 sty 2018, o 08:34

As a proud member of Boston Bruins nation, I am extremely upset to have to write this article.In fact, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the FanSided post for the first time.I assumed that there had to have been some sort of mistake.ObrazekFanSided, when compiling it’s Fandom250, left the Boston Bruins out of the top 250.Yes, you read that correctly.Out of all of the possible fandoms out Authentic Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Jersey there in sports, entertainment, and lifestyle, the Boston Bruins faithful apparently aren’t in the top 250.Last year, the Bruins came in at #7 of NHL teams, and #207 overall.What the heck happened?ObrazekPittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby, at #201 on the list this year, is apparently worthy enough of recognition on his own.This is something that I’m sure puts a knot in the stomach of every NHL fan that doesn’t don a Penguins sweater.I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed…Part of Authentic Carson Wentz Jersey my disappointment comes from the fact that the NHL was so poorly represented on the list.Only eight NHL teams made the list of the top 250.MLB had 11 teams, NBA had 12 teams, and the NFL had 16 teams.So of the four major sports leagues in North America, the NHL had the least fan bases recognized.I get that the NHL isn’t quite as popular as the other major sports, but I guarantee that hockey fans are as dedicated, if not more, than fans of the other leagues.What other sports fans willingly go into freezing arenas to watch EVERY game of the season, not just the occasional December NFL game?I’m also disappointed when I look at some of the eight teams that made the list when Boston didn’t. The eight teams that Brandin Cooks Jersey made the list were, in order:Detroit Red Wings (#238), New York Rangers (#224), Nashville Predators (#198), Edmonton Oilers (#175), Montreal Canadiens (#120), Chicago Blackhawks (#77), Toronto Maple Leafs (#68), and Pittsburgh Penguins (#14).Yep, Boston was the only Claude Giroux Womens Jersey Original Six team left off.Talking about cutting deep.Let me show you why they’re wrong with numbersSo let’s talk attendance at NHL games.Because NHL seasons straddle the new year, we have to look at both last season and this season.Last season in 2016-2017, Boston tied for 12th in home attendance at 100%, tied with Detroit and ahead of Edmonton (98.4%).Personally, I Aaron Rodgers Jersey find it odd that so many teams are able to report over 100% attendance at their games.Seems odd that Chicago was able to accommodate 110.3% attendance at their home games over the course of the season.Possibly someone cooking the books?But as a popular meme says, “that’s none of my business.”
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Re: Boston Bruins and their fans belong in Fandom250

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