New Movie 2017 ''The Heirs''

New Movie 2017 ''The Heirs''

Postautor: vaiybora » 11 sty 2018, o 08:05

หนังเกาหลี The 2013 Korean romantic comedy drama "The Heirs" talks about a society that shares racism. And there is a class that calls itself the upper class, with a layer of money and face, but it's just a shell that should really look inside. The person who organized himself. Elite It is not different with other people on this planet. Look at the surface, they seem to be free to do anything. More than ordinary people.
the heirs have presented in every view of love in the upper classes. If you look ordinary. It is free to judge almost everything, except for spouses because of this class. Matched by an adult All of this is for business purposes only.
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