Dortmund fan clubs set to boycott Monday game against Augsbu

Dortmund fan clubs set to boycott Monday game against Augsbu

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Borussia Dortmund fans said Friday they will boycott sbobet 168 their team's match against Augsburg on February 26 in protest of its Monday night kick-off.The fans organized in the grouping "Alliance South Stand" said in a Facebook posting by fan spokesman Jan-Henrik Gruszecki that "the line of what can be accepted has been crossed for good."With a heavy heart, but full of conviction, we have decided to stay away from the game against Augsburg and to forfeit our tickets," the statement said, adding that the move is "not directed in any way against the team."Dortmund's vast stadium has a capacity of more than 80,000 in the Bundesliga, with 25,000 alone on the south stand. The arena is normally sold out for every game.The Bundesliga is introducing five Monday night games for the first time this season, mainly sbobet 168 reserved for Europa League teams - such as Dortmund - to give them rest after their international Thursday games.German fans have been critical of the latest new kick-off time which is regularly used in other big leagues including England and Spain.The Dortmund fan statement spoke of "a sellout of football and the negative highlight in the splitting-up of kick-off times over the past years which has solely been driven by the profit-seeking of clubs, federations and TV networks.""Bundesliga on a Monday? Without us!" said the statement signed by more than 100 Dortmund fan clubs. sbobet 168
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